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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Les Horríbles.......

Photo Credit: Dan MacAlpine
It looks like the towns of Beverly and Salem Massachusetts had some extra special Fourth of July holiday fun this year, mocking ruthlessly, a group of girls a lot of people are fantasizing about burning at the stake. Since lucky for them, that doing so is no longer legal in the United States, these town residents decided instead to have a modern day public execution for them and the innocent babies they carry by humiliating and verbally abusing them to death in a well covered media event. I am quite surprised after the festivities ended they all didn't arrive as an angry mob at the girls homes too, armed with wood carving tools and laughing at their screams as they burned Scarlet Letters on their foreheads, like a science teacher in Ohio recently burned crosses in the arms of his students. That bloodcurdling story was run on MSNBC today complete with a message board on Newsvine that I was more than happy to leave my humble but finger wagging opinion on. I have to wonder who orchestrated this perverted parade with people who are supposed to be adults acting like fools on a float, not thinking once how the children of these girls might feel someday if they ever had the misfortune to come across this story on YouTube or in a WhoresRUs website I wouldn't put past them to create...a child is a child and no child is ever worth less than another, and no pregnant female should ever have the sacred act of carrying an innocent human being inside of her treated in any disrespectful and vulgar way. I realize as I said before, that these moms to be are teenagers, but they are just also non perfect people, like everyone else, but who get judged by others who I am sure are far from sexually pure, and who have with this spectacle they call entertainment, not made the situation any better for anyone.

Photo Credit: Dan MacAlpine
The viciousness of this event, reminds me very much of the bitterness of some Infertile Women, who have unleashed their green eyed monsters and turned them into action heros on a platform rolling arrogantly down the middle of the road, thinking they are deserving of cheers and applause and should be followed by the screaming masses hysterically waving red white and blue flags in a country where "all men are created equal" but where many are not treated like it. Again, I do not condone these adolescent girls getting pregnant and any pact they may of created, but it amazes me still, how so many overlook the fact that they have planned to ensure daycare for their little ones, and they are willing to work hard to support them and they wanted these children. Most importantly there will be no abortions, like so sadly is the case with so many teenage pregnancies.(BECAUSE SOME TEENAGERS DO NOT WANT OR ARE AFRAID TO GIVE BIRTH, NOT BECAUSE OF THE BIRTH MOTHER PRIVACY LIE THE CHURCH AND ADOPTION INDUSTRY SPEWS). Perhaps some of the so called grown ups, who donated some of the materials and stood up on their unforgiving pedestals with wheels, contorting their faux big bellys and bodies like the snakes that they are better take a long look in the mirror and realize that being jealous of those who can conceive, and flaunting so much cruelty towards the parents of babies who had nothing to do with how they will come into this world, is more immature than any plan created in a Gloucester High School girls room.

"A group of pregnant girls at Gloucester High School were mocked in a series of controversial parade floats in Beverly and Salem over the holiday weekend.

The group of 17 girls in Gloucester made international headlines last month after Time magazine posted a story that claimed some of them had made "a pact to get pregnant and raise their babies together."

That story spurred several young people in upscale Beverly Farms to create some R-rated floats for the town's annual "Horribles 4th of July Parade," an event that is typically politically incorrect.

Mixed in the parade with marching bands and children were floats that featured men in diapers crawling out from in between a woman's legs propped in birthing stirrups and a flatbed trailer full of young women pretending to be pregnant bumping and grinding at a baby shower.

Some in the parade also threw condoms into the crowd.

There were several other sights that many felt were crude, offensive and indecent. A video of the parade was posted on YouTube over the weekend.

According to the Boston Herald, three of the judges walked off and quit.

"I've been involved with this for 40 something years, but I won't be a judge again," Gail Townsend told the paper.

"I get it, it's a Horribles Parade, but it was overkill with the Gloucester pregnancies," she said. "The thing that upset us more than anything was they were throwing condoms. There were 5- and 6-year-old kids picking them up and saying, 'What kind of candy is this?' "

The Beverly Farms Parade Committee released a joint statement Monday afternoon saying "the hurtful impact of these floats is regrettable and saddening."

"While they were officially registered in the parade, these initial float concepts were considerably different than those that ended up marching. The Committee is currently investigating how this happened to ensure it does not occur in the future."

Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk said the parade insulted her working class fishing village and was "highly offensive."

"The city of Gloucester is deeply offended by certain individuals trivializing and making a mockery of teenage pregnancy, which unfortunately is a national problem that we as a society must confront," Kirk said in a statement Monday.

Beverly Mayor William Scanlon Jr. said the parade is not sponsored by the city. He told the Herald, "It's a horrible story."

City Council President Tim Flaherty told WBZ Radio Beverly hasn't screened the floats in the past, but that might have to change now.

"I'm glad my kids weren't there," he said.

Patricia Quinn, executive director of the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy was appalled by the floats and said they were an example of how hard our culture is on girls. "On the one had, girls are taught to be sexy and attract boys and men... and on the other hand, we vilify girls when something unplanned or mistimed like a teen pregnancy occurs. While we all might find it easier to make fun of what happened in Gloucester, our failure to reflect and learn the lesson Gloucester has to teach means we could see that story replayed across Massachusetts."

WBZ's Karen Anderson confirmed Monday that three floats in the Salem Willows Horribles Parade also mocked the Gloucester pregnancies. No pictures or video of that parade have surfaced yet".


  1. Improper,

    These girls didn't even have a pact to get pg.
    seems the school didn't want to talk about how it created this situation in the media and how it was blown it a pregnancy pact.

    Putting down young women is a way this country tries to make it seem alright to strip a young mother of her rights as a mother even if she is in school. Having a baby is not a crime. Not when I had my son in 66 nor is it a crime NOW!

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