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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Media: Exploiting Adoptees and Birth Mothers Should Never Be Unexpected....Part I of IV

The CW Network
On Lorraine Dusky's blog, First Mother's Forum, I made a comment two days ago about how I felt a reporter employed by 20/20 was absolutely outrageous when he was asked by an injured Haitian child if he would help her. She reached out her weak hand to him and looked into his eyes as he said straight to her face, No, I can't, there is nothing I can do. As I stated to Lorraine, I wasn't sure at first who this atrocity of a human being was, but after poking around ABC's website and seeing the clip again that I saw last Friday night, I was even more appalled then when I saw it the first time. I thought the man in the tan shirt was just one of this show's anchors, and I presumed he was Chris Como, but I could of sworn he was called Richard. And I was right. I don't watch primetime tv all that much, which includes 20/20, so I am not too familiar with their reporters. I wasn't even aware they had a Medical Editor and now I will never forget....On Triona's blog, 73 Adoptee, which is one of my favorite blogs of all time, I also mentioned that I thought it was insane that after four days no supplies or relief could come to the poor suffering people of Haiti but a plane full of video equipment and rating grubbing reporters from 20/20 sure as hell could. What, they couldn't bring any doctors, or medical supplies or penicillin with them? Food, water or donations of clean clothing? Nope. The only thing there was room for on that plane, was the oversized ego of Dr. Richard Besser. The man in the tan shirt....

One needs not to be a rocket scientist to figure out that I do not like The Medical Industry. One just needs to read my entries and click on links I have provided on this blog to get the message. And with their irrational holier than thou attitude comes the destruction of the Hippocratic Oath that they all must swear to, as their arrogance and conceit inflicts emotional disturbance to all around them. And it goes without saying that the majority of them seem to only care about no harm coming to themselves...... What the hell kind of healer, physician, doctor, as they love to call themselves, could just stand there in the mist of intense suffering that those in Haiti have had to endure for almost a week and refuse to help a little girl? He could not of examined her as best he could, given her some bottled water he SHOULD of brought with him so people would not suffer dehydration as he knew damn well supplies from the U.S. had not yet arrived. He couldn't offer to take her back to America with him and give her needed medical treatment and then fly her back on his own dime? He couldn't organize a group of other health professionals to put together a bunch of very needed diagnostic machinery and help them load it onto the cushy metal bird that brought him into this third world hell? He couldn't donate some of his own money to enable her and her family to survive this current tragedy and ensure them a better life there after Haiti begins to put their country back together? Obviously not. And by not helping this innocent, Dr. Bessor takes the depersonalization and the insensitivity of the Medical Profession to a whole new level. To the height of exploitation. Or "sensationalism" as Triona so accurately put it. Or as an "observer" like Lorraine wrote when she responded to me. Despite the fact that this man is a television star now, he is a doctor first. I do not care if he is actively practicing or not. I do not care if his main concern was if his makeup looked alright as his face is plastered all over millions of tv screens, or about the vacation in Disneyworld he was dreaming about taking when the taping was done. No person who has the education and the ability to help the sick and injured has any right to be a detached narrator walking amongst those in dire straits, like so many citizens of Haitai are in right now. Dr. Bessor never had any right to be a slave to the sponsors of 20/20 more than he was to the whole world by the promise he swore to keep. Especially to the universe's youth.
There is much talk amongst the Adoption community here in Bloggerland about the media exploiting Haitian children who barren women are clamoring in droves to take home with them, not caring if their parents aren't even one of the 70,000 dead. Corporate America rubs the back of Corporate America as 20/20 promoted Adoption on this joke of a broadcast by speaking first about how many pending Adoptions are backlogged now as paperwork is missing, and then going straight to the heart of their agenda by interviewing a Haitian man not speaking in English who we are told is saying poor Haitian parents are selling their offspring for $150-300 American bucks. Yes, that's right, let's just ignore story after story of corruption in the world of Adoption including how children were literally being stolen from their Real Mothers on the street in countries like Guatemala, China and Russia so Adoption Agencies can Adopt them out at high cost to Infertile American couples who couldn't care less if they were stolen or not. Let's just give the tittle of sainthood to the Corrupt Adoption System and all the poor suffering women who just can't conceive. I also left comments about this subject on Lorraine and Triona's blogs and Mirah Riben's blog which is incredibly covers the Haitian tragedy. I urge everyone to click on the AdoptAuthor link to your left and read the important and poignant quotes from organizations that support our views like the UN and Unicef. Mirah has a video on AdoptAuthor where a woman whose child was stolen from her for the purpose of Adoption tells her story. Heartbreaking.
The people of Haiti do not need their children to be taken away from them by rich and financially stable Americans. They need funding from people so their families can function and be together. Many poor children in Haitai however are separated from the parents they love under the guise of giving them a better life, but as I said in another comment, if I was Adopted from a third world country and some American couple Adopted me, and I went to live in some beautiful house, with a stocked fridge I would not feel happy or grateful. My first reaction would be I feel sorry for my parents in Haiti that they are suffering hunger and I am not. I feel sorry for my parents that my surroundings are nice and theirs are not. It is hard to feel happy, safe and calm when you are okay but people you love are not. And as usual, alot of today's PAP's and AP's delude themselves into thinking that if they Adopt a child whose parents are still alive from a foreign country that that child will just forget all about his or her Real Family and like them better because they give them more material things. What an insult. How shallow and selfish do they think these children are? Entire families should be brought over here and helped or they should be financially helped in Haitai. But what helps fuel this moral mindset into non existence at an even higher speed is the media. As of late AP's (NCFA anyone?) and The Adoption Industry have, Tv shows and movies behind them all the way, supporting the same lies we have fought for decades and putting Real Mothers and Adoptees in the same unflattering bigoted light blinding the whole country to the truth, and personally I am DAMN sick of it...
I got a bad feeling from Life Unexpected's trailor like I did the Pregancy Pact's trailor. I hadn't said anything but planned to watch it's premiere. I would like to thank the heartless producers of this obnoxious piece of trash for sending me to bed in tears...... and for perpetuating the cruel stereotype of women who conceive out of wedlock. There were so many lines in this script that made my heart stop. And my heart fall into my stomach. Not only from the character of Cate, Lux's Real Mother, but from her Real Father's character Nate who said right in front of her not long after he found out she was his child that he thought Cate 'got rid of it". Add to this the nauseating scene where Lux tells her new found Mother, a famous radio jock, that she was never placed with an Adoptive Family after Cate had her at 15 because she was born with a hole in her heart and this made her an unattractive candidate due to the high medical bills that would ensue from the surgeries she would need. Lux never mentions who did pay for her three years of operations (the State I suppose), but she made it clear that no one wanted a three year old to Adopt, everyone wants a baby, to which Cate replies, "not everyone"......
Lux is treated like dirt by her foster family as well, and this is why she first contacts her Real Father whose name and address she peeked at on her case workers file when she wasn't looking. She needs to talk to her Real Father to get his signature on an Emancipation form so she can be declared a legal adult on her upcoming 16th birthday, get a job and her own place from the $3000 she has managed to save. After other rude comments to her and getting the definite vibe her Real Parents still don't want her around and haven't matured one iota since they were in high school, which is exactly how they are portrayed, Lux storms off, never wanting to see either of them again, a scene I am sure Pro-Closed Record AP's everywhere drooled over. Nate and Cate (a couple's name so goofy that Lux even jokes about it and created on purpose I am sure to lower them even more) begin to talk amongst each other after their pretty daughter storms out and of course they travel down memory lane straight into the bedroom where they care more about getting it on again, then they do about chasing after Lux to console her. The next morning as Cate leaves Nate's apartment there is poor Lux, bundled up in a blanket over her coat as it is winter and cold in Portland. It becomes clear that she slept outside her Real father's home all night, rather than going back to her horrific Foster Parents where she was told they would be more than happy to have her never come back, as they don't get paid enough to deal with her annoying requests like not having their tweenager son walk in on her when she is still in a towel. After yet another unpleasant conversation with Cate, Lux storms off to the courthouse to begin she hopes, her new independent life only to have the judge shoot her down. To her great surprise however, Nate and Cate follow her there where she is put into joint custody with them and this shall be the overtone of this new series. Or as Cate puts it, she will begin to grow up with her financee's and Lux's help . To suggest that she is still a self-centered scattered brained horndog who can not still be a grown woman capable of being a Mother in her 30's is the sinister undertone of of this new program that disappointed me beyond words. But when it comes to the subject of being fair, forgiving and compassionate on the subject of giving birth unmarried, what else in this country and in the hypocritical world that pushes pre marital sex left and right called Hollywood can we expect? That those who could change the way both single Mothers and we bastards are looked at still chose to mock us and refuse to grow up themselves.....
To be continued.....


  1. Thanks for the mention, Improper. I like your blog too. :) What you said says it all:

    "The people of Haitai do not need their children to be taken away from them by rich and financially stable Americans. They need funding from people so their famillies can function and be together."

  2. Your more than welcome and you always deserve mention:)I can't count the times your blog has made me smile, taught me something or been balm on my wounds. I think everyone feels that way too Tri.