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Sunday, April 21, 2013

And The Grand Prize Winner Is.....





Looks like we had a tie!
There are however, no losers in The Flying Monkey Awards!
For all are Winners in the practice of abuse, deceit, bigotry and manipulation....

flying monkey photo: Flying monkey _flyingmonkeyglomp.gif Here are the results:

Who Should Win The Flying Monkey Award?

    21.13% (15 votes)
    Herbert H. Lehman:
    Elitist And Governor Of NY in 1936 Who First Legally Barred All Adoptees
From Their Own Birth Information And Bloodlines By Legalizing Closed Adoption Records In His State
    21.13% (15 votes)
    Senator Ann Rivers:
    For Recently Demanding An Opt Out For Biological Mothers After Trying To Block A Bill In 2012 To Open Adoption Records In Washington State
    19.72% (14 votes)
    Troy Dunn:
    For Attacking Dusten Brown On The Dr. Phil Show For Trying To Get Custody Of His Own Daughter Veronica Who Was Adopted Out Behind His Back
    14.08% (10 votes)
    Mormon Adoption Agencies:
    For Paying Off Single Pregnant Women To Keep The Fathers Of Their Child Out Of The Child's Life So They Can't Try To Stop Adopting The Child Out
    14.08% (10 votes)
    The Catholic Church And The Knights Of Columbus:
For Fighting To Keep Open Adoption Bills From Passing Through Congress 
    14.08% (10 votes)
    Daniel O'Donnell:
    A Homosexual Activist Who Demands Gay Marriage Becomes Legal Nationwide And Then Tries To Keep Adoption Records Closed To All Adoptees

Votes:     74

flying monkey photo: Flying monkey _flyingmonkeyglomp.gif

So as you can see, First Place is awarded to Troy Dunn who back stabbed all Adoptees and Biological Parents by trashing Dusten Brown and the ICWA on the media circus show Dr. Phil (who may get nominated next year at the rate he is going).
Second Place is also a tie, the winners being Troy Dunn's corrupt Cult, I mean Church of choice, the infuriating Mormons and their immoral Adoption practices, the obnoxious Catholic Church and their cronies The Knights of Columbus and last but not least the big fat hypocrite and Biological Mother and Adoptee harasser/basher Daniel O'Donnell.
Incidentally I found these two articles concerning Herbert H. Lehman interesting as one states one of his family members was the owner of slaves in the 1800's while the other one states how his kin over 100 years later embraces their "rich family history" and celebrates their bloodline.
A bloodline that bore a member who would Oppress others from knowing their own bloodline....
And everyone knows that Closed Adoption IS a form of  emotional and psychological slavery (compliments of the United States Government, The Adoption Industry, The ACLU, The NCFA, The Catholic Church, The Mormon Church and The Department of Social Work that still won't set us free).
What stirred me the most about the USA Today article was how much emphasis was put on how the Lehman Bros. dealt in commodities to make their fortune.
Which is fine if we are talking coffee, tea, thread or alcohol....
Hey, good for the Lehman's.
Nothing wrong with earning a good living dealing in those trades.
But one of the brothers, Mayer Lehman, like all the other idiots, mainly Christians, that owned slaves in the South considered African American human beings commodities.....
An owned object.
Owned property...
The same way Herbert H. Lehman would consider new born babies and children commodities a century later....
Slavery is the cruel act of being forced to live without one's personal freedom as we all know.
And there is no greater personal freedom than to be able to know who you are and from whence you came....
And whether Governor Lehman knew of Georgia Tann's crimes when he Adopted a baby from her is not the point.
For if he had a heart at all for any of us, he would of seen that Oppressing innocent people was NOT the way to deal with it.
He would of seen to how much money and power can negatively effects one's maturity level and that there is nothing mature at all about Closed Adoption.....
Not then.
Not now.
Not ever.

Senator Ann Rivers loves to Oppress other people as well using The Birth Mother Privacy lie to do it while coercing other Adoptees into a Benedict Bastard state of mind...
What a gal...
Yes, you wear that power well...
Reaching for my Bastard Barf Bucket now.
Does it still amaze you as much as it amazes me that money and power that so many people still think makes one such a winner does nothing but make one a loser as a human being in the end?
Except when they are the winner of The Flying Monkey Award of course...
At least they get to be called Winners at the end of this contest!
So see you next year everyone....
(And your little dog too!)
After another nauseating year of hell (it's a given) from The Adoption Industry who love to rip us all apart with their very own sinister Flying Monkeys.....

flying monkey photo: Flying monkey _flyingmonkeyglomp.gif


  1. You are something else Improper Adoptee, you really are. That FMA bubble is so cool. This contest rocked even if Troy wasn't the big winner. I hope you do this again next year.

  2. Yeah, I'm sorry Dunn lost too, but there is always next year. Considering how he has linked himself with that buffon Dr. Phil I am sure he will commit another faux paus against Adoptees or Biological Mothers/Fathers somehow, the two faced jerk. Thank you for the compliments you gave me OTR (blush) and for how much you support my blog. Love ya!

  3. Actually what did I just type?!! Dunn did not lose because like I said in my post there are no losers in the Flying Monkey Awards. Still I'd love him to have Award Bubble next year, like you said. I think I need more coffee lol..:)

  4. Kitty Kat, what's up with the FMA bubble? The lettering is all black now. Why did you change it? I liked it the way it was before!

  5. Argh, okay, I am sorry it is taking me so long to reply to you but-um email?...anyway I
    a. was in a rush to do this and I hated how the hues of the red in the bubble did not match the tone of the color I used for the winners names.
    b. You are so sweet to say it was cool, but I think it looked terrible, so I decided to use black because it goes with every hue out there. Simple Simon huh? And besides it looks really creepy that way doesn't it? Creepy like the haunted forest, flying monkey's and Closed Adoption Records....
    xx's oo's....

  6. I think to that I am going to change the color every year. I am thinking next year I'll use black and blue because the flying monkey's have blue faces. Let me know what you think okay?