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Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Indian Giver" Part II: Why This Adoptee HATES Matt And Melanie Capobianco.......

Baby Veronica Before Adoption.......

You've got to love commenter Robin.
She has left beyond honest awesome remarks on my blog along with many compassionate ones as well in the past and I smirk now as I see over and over again her calling Matt and Melanie Capobianco the Crapobiancos.
She couldn't of hit the nail on the head any harder.....
Because that is EXACTLY what these two self-centered, juvenile, immoral losers are.
And like Troy Dunn Dung, THAT is what they are full of.

Total crap.....                                                                                

And as much as the nausea I feel for poor Dusten Brown won't leave my stomach, the fear I feel for his daughter Veronica won't leave my heart.
Visions of Attachment Therapy make me shake and so does the anger I feel that these two spoiled brats who have the gall to call themselves "Parents" may try to drug Veronica into their fantasy world where they are her "real" "true" and "only" Mommy and Daddy.

Baby Veronica After Adoption

One trip to a psychiatrist who is an Adoptive Parent just like them and it is over......
Why are some Infertile Couples SO DAMN HATEFUL?
What is wrong with them?
The Capobianco's are also mentally ill.
THAT is a given.
People who can't let go of an ideal of what they think they should have when it causes nothing but pain and destruction to other people are SICK.
What is it with some Infertile Couples?
Are they border line psychotic?
Do they have OCD?
Mix those two unhealthy states of mind in their cauldron with their other unhealthy state of mind, their severe immaturity and they have become DANGEROUS.
The Capobianco's are proof of that.

I can't really put into words how much I HATE this  evily arrogant couple from hell...
I am SO SICK of their phony sad faces and the big fake act they have put on for the media, for the whole wide world.
Their self-pity has made my skin crawl for months.....
Oh BOO HOO poor us......
We want something THAT DOESN'T BELONG TO US, so feel SOOOOO sorry for us.
We want to steal a man's daughter away from him, and he won't let us.
Wahaaaa, whaaaa, whaaaaa!

People who go around acting like that, ARE NOT STABLE ENOUGH TO RAISE ANY CHILD TO BEGIN WITH PEOPLE!!

Why is not obvious to the entire planet that Matt and Melanie Capobianco are child abusers as well?
And how DARE they state it would be more traumatic for Veronica if Dusten continued his fight to raise his own flesh and blood by making an appeal against this so unjust decision?

What has been traumatic to Veroncia is to be ripped away from her Father after living with him for 2 years.
What, do these two monsters REALLY think she is just going to get over that?
Not miss him?
Forget about him?
And is that why they want poor Dusten Brown in jail for up to 5 years?
So he CAN'T have any visits with her?

The Capobianco's can blind themselves to the fact that Veronica doesn't even remember them but THAT is still a fact.....

They can also blind themselves to another fact, that it is completely and totally unforgivable that Veronica was never EVEN ASKED WHAT SHE WANTED this entire time, when SHE IS THE ONE WHO WILL HAVE TO ENDURE what total strangers in the shady court system have forced her into every single day of her life now.
Of course we all know however she was never asked because SHE WOULD OF SAID she wanted to STAY WITH HER FATHER Dusten Brown.......

It amazes me to, all the idiots out there on the internet who say that Veronica is with her "real parents" now.
Her "true Parents".
Her "only Parents".


So how the HELL can the Capobianco's be the "real parents" the "true parents" and the "only parents" IF THEY DIDN'T EVEN CREATE HER TO BEGIN WITH?

I can NOT believe how delusional so many people are when it comes to the subject of Adoption......
How unintelligent.
How absolutely irrational.

Veronica is not going to a better home.
She is only going to be emotionally and psychologically raped in the home she has now been thrown into because she has gone from being a child who is loved by her Father and living with him which is the natural order of life, to a child WHO IS BEING USED TO PACIFY TWO ADULTS ANGER, BITTERNESS AND HURT EGOS.
The Capobianco's do not want Veronica because they love her.
They want Veronica because they can't have their own child.

And they think because they hate that this gives them the right to cause serious loss in other people's lives.
This is the type of behavior that has always been looked down on if it was displayed IN ANY OTHER KIND OF SITUATION.

Yet because money exchanges hands via an Adoption Agency it is deemed perfectly acceptable.
Men who run out on their children have also always been looked down upon, as long as an Adoption Agency isn't involved, because you got it, once again money is to exchange hands, so who cares if they did the sleazy and cowardice thing and left, right?


That is why when Dusten Brown who has done the right thing, who wanted to be responsible for his child, to take care of his child, SUPPORT his child is dragged through the fires for doing so.
I hate the Capobianco's.......
This HATEFUL couple from hell........
But HATE breeds HATE and HATE is all Infertile Couples like them can EVER breed........
And I also hate all the politicians that have made laws that enact and enable all the abuse poor Dusten and Veronica have gone through for years.
And all the abuse we Adoptees have gone through our entire lives due to Closed Adoption.
A hate that burns inside of me every day......
A hate that just keeps burning hotter and hotter when I read about innocent children like Veronica Rose Brown who has been bought and sold like a sack of potatoes ........
And whose soul will now be cored like one.......

To be continued.........

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  1. Mentally ill? That is you sweetheart. Don't you feel sick from all this hate pouring out of you? I am not trying to hurt your feelings, but this post is frightening... Dear one, you need to get some intensive therapy as soon as possible.

    1.'re crazy for not being able to see why an adoptee would be so angry about this situation.

  2. Really? Should I? Should Dusten get therapy too because he cried when Veronica was dragged away? This grown man, a military man...
    yes, anyone who is livid about this case, needs help....Not trying to hurt my feelings? Yeah, right, well I don't care about yours either sweetheart.
    So eat shit..
    Anonymous comments are now off because mentally ill people cannot control themselves....sorry people.
    Registered users may leave comments though however.

  3. And one more thing Anon...
    100 years ago a man was hung in this country for stealing another man's horse. What the Crapbianco's have done is far far worse.
    How would you like it if someone stole your child huh? And then expected you to pay 500 grand so they could do so? They also have trashed the Native people all over again and have completely and totally destroyed this man, Dusten Brown and caused one of his older relatives a heart attack.. THEY HAVE RUINED DUSTEN'S LIFE. And I know ALL about someone doing that to someone else...
    I am also so sick of all the insane mentality that people who are angry need therapy PC crap. The only lunatics who say that are those who abuse people to begin with and have made them rightfully furious..
    ie: people like YOU.
    You have no right to criticize my anger or the anger of all the other Adoptees. First Parents and even some Adoptive Parents who are as livid as I am...
    And you know what? If you don't HATE the Capobiancos for the dirty, sleazy, inhumane tricks they have pulled on Dusten and his family, then that is because you have no conscience what so ever.
    And people with no conscience deserve only to be laughed at when they cut down people who are enraged because other people have been victimized.
    I hope you can hear mine from here...

  4. And P.S......
    It is sociopaths like the Capobiancos that are frightening........
    not good people like me who hate them for it......
    so please don't come back to my blog unless and until you can control yourself.
    Thank you

  5. I also want to add Anon, that after all this, after all these reptiles have done to Dusten the Capobianco's still have the nerve to deny him any visitation at all. I am not the only one who HATES them like they deserve to be hated for the disgusting way they have acted. Many, many people do.
    More than not.

  6. And I just happen to be one of the few with enough guts to say so online......