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Monday, September 23, 2013

"Indian Giver".......

After a summer of  unforgivable  lies that were tweeted about me and then told to authorities about me only to be finally thrown out like the bag of garbage which they were, along with the death of one of my best friends which I am beyond livid about, I find myself not really caring about writing anymore.
One of the worst summers of my life is past, and as cool autumn air is blowing through my windows  I am still feeling the heat of my rage.

The change of season changes nothing.
Not this year...
Yet despite my grief, another injustice continues to haunt me.
One I can't ignore.
One that made me turn this goddamn, nosy, juvenile, gossiping, "I spy"  machine on once again....

He has been called many things.
A thwarted Father.
A victim of the Adoption Industry.
A hero.
Only 1/4 Native
A bigot......
In my anger and in my sadness, I have only been online twice in the past 2 months and I googled him once.
Not surprised at all, that life is nothing less than unfair to the innocent as usual.
Or that there are way the hell to many mean-spirited, hard ass lunatics on this planet whose damn mouths should be duct taped shut permanently........
Anyone who has read my posts about Dusten Brown knows how I would feel about each word and phrase above used to describe him.
It ain't rocket science....
But the one I didn't mention.
That I read in a comment on a board following an article about this entire nauseating case, trust me when I say, no one could image the blood curdling hatred that harbors in my heart due to it.......
Hate strong enough to literally raise my body temperature, turn my cheeks an intense pink and smash a coffee mug against the wall with all  my might......
What the hell is wrong with Matt and Melanie Capobianco and the whiny spoiled brats that support them?
Is not getting what you want enough reason to just go steal what you want?
To do the wrong thing?
To be completely and totally illogical?
To think it is not necessary to possess any values at all?
And yes, make NO mistake, the Capobianco's ARE NO PARENTS.
They ARE immature, self-centered, abusive baby thieves though and I feel that Veronica is in real serous danger if she has to live with and grow up around people like them.
For they do not see her as a human being, they see her as getting their money's worth.
They do not see this entire situation as what is in the best interest of the child either.
They see it from their King and Queen eyes, that refuse to view all the unbelievable damage they have caused because their bitter, jealous and self-pitying little hearts continue to confuse them and make them think they should always get what they want in Adoptoland, the land they think they have a right to rule over (or pay off).
Veronica is not a child to them.
She is a game piece......
They do NOT respect her.
They do NOT love or care about her.
They only care about themselves......

Taking over America was a game once too.
It was all about winning, not about maturity, honesty, integrity or scruples.
Or the protection or sanctity of the lives of precious children.
And despite the centuries of discrimination, of bloodshed, of torture, of heartbreak, of destruction, of bogus treaty agreements made by white people for the Natives solely to trip them up again, and then insult them when they complained about being deceived, the game continues on.....

Indian Giver........

Is Dusten Brown an Indian Giver?

Because he wants to raise HIS own flesh and blood?
He never gave Veronica to the horrific Capobiancos....
This was done behind his back.
And just because this child's pathetic excuse for a Natural Mother (and a human being) refused to let him be involved as well in his daughters life from the very beginning which hurt him and led him to say he would not give her child support which is beyond obvious he did NOT mean,  gives NO ONE the right to mock the Native Americans once again or him and use that disgusting term.
He wanted his child.
He wanted her Mother.
He got tricked, subverted, lied to and backstabbed.

And within those dirty acts the very fiends involved try to hide the deepest truths.

That not only is there NO SUCH THING as an Indian Giver, but that Baby Veronica was NEVER the Capobianco's begin with.

She was, is and always will be Dusten's.........

It was a long hot summer.
And the agonizing heat has not left me despite the cool autumn air that blows through my windows....
The heat of my enraged spirit at the moment.

A spirit that cannot sit still until I say a big FUCK YOU TO THE COMMENTOR who called Dusten Brown an Indian Giver.


And a big FUCK YOU to Matt and Melanie Capobianco as well.........

There I said it.

FUCK YOU to all three of you.

I'm in way to bad of a place right now to exhibit any class or in the mood for creative writing to express how furious I am.
So therefore I will just say what I feel, no matter how crude.
I feel slightly better.
But I'm far from done yet.

To be I can only get in the cold water right now one toe at a time........

Photo Credit:
Veronica and Dusten Brown ABC News Corp

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