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Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Psychotic World.......

Yes, I know I said I was not blogging anymore,
and no I am not going to continue writing, but I just HAD too....

I may post however, from time to time concerning INSANE CPS and corrupt Adoption Agencies and when I do, you will know I am REALLY PISSED OFF....

Like right now..........

"Just who do the Social Services think they are? When did Communism become the ruling party of these islands. Scrap Big Government dictatorship.
We the people' don't need any of them..
Ian London UK, 18/10/2010 08:08

My feelings EXACTLY Ian!......

"Joyfully kissing her beautiful baby boy -
the girl branded too stupid to be a wife or a mother"

By Alison Smith Squire

"Laughing in the autumn sunshine, a baby boy takes his first wobbly steps along a sandy beach. His delighted and attentive mother offers a safe pair of arms as his proud father captures the moment with his camera.
It is a touching scene that any parent would recognise.
But it is particularly precious for Kerry Robertson and her new husband Mark McDougall.
Kerry, you may remember, is the slender brunette whose wedding was dramatically halted a year ago by Fife social services because they judged her too ‘stupid’ to understand the vows. Four months later, the social services struck again. As Kerry breast-fed her three-day-old son Ben, council officials who feared she lacked the intelligence to be a good mother came into the maternity ward and took the child into care. Already banned from marrying, Kerry, 18, and Mark, 26, were forced to leave the hospital without their newborn son.

Mark McDougall and Kerry Robertson

Today, however, The Mail on Sunday can reveal that they have been reunited with their little boy and are now both living with him for the first time since he was born. The authorities in Ireland, where they fled before the birth in the hope that they could keep their baby, have agreed that Ben can indeed stay with his parents. This is not their only piece of happy news. Earlier this month, Mark and Kerry finally married in a tender ceremony at a hotel in County Waterford, defying those who said their relationship could never last.
"All I ever wanted was to be married to Mark and to live a normal life with our son,’ said Kerry yesterday. Now I just feel so contented and happy to be a proper family at last. I love being with Ben and being his mum. I have cried a lot over the past year but it’s only brought Mark and me closer.’ The couple’s resilience and the resourcefulness they have shown in fighting for the right to bring up their son together seems to make a mockery of the view that Kerry was too weak-minded to be a wife and mother.
Some would say it is difficult to see why Fife social services came to that conclusion in the first place."

This article continues here.....

oh, btw, Happy Halloween everyone! (and if you need a really horrifying costume this year, try dressing up as a Social Worker).........

Sketch of Ben by his Father artist Mark McDougall

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