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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Killing Candace.......

I have already established that the Closed Adoption System always has been and still is part of a dark agenda in my last post.
And I'm sorry to say, but if you don't think the Medical Industry along with Psychiatry, Psychology and the Pharmaceutical Companies are playing a huge part in it too, then you are OUT of your friggin mind.....
As everybody knows the NWO is all about LIES...........
Lies that control their victims.
Lies that enslave their victims.
Lies that brainwash their victims.
Lies that destroy their victims.
Along with everyone else who isn't one of them.
They lie about abortion, saying it isn't murder.
They lie through Monsanto, saying GMO foods won't harm you.
They lie about animal testing saying it is necessary because they are too cheap to buy computers which provide more accurate results (and because animals are also their victims as they enjoy hurting them as well).
They lie by placing bogus diagnoses on both adults and children so they can pump their bodies full of toxic chemicals called "medication" to make people stupid and sick, violent and suicidal.

And then they invent and carry out immature and sadistic therapies that murdered beautiful innocent children like Candace Newmaker and has tortured and mentally mutilated countless Adoptees like the little boy above.

This little boy NEVER said he wanted to kill his Mother either by the way.
Forcing him too is part of this child abusing therapy that is unforgivably still alive and well......

And as far as I am concerned, the NON EXISTENT condition called RAD
(Reactive Attachment Disorder) which is now being slapped on all Adoptees whose Adoptive Parents are mad at them because the child they Adopted just doesn't like them (because maybe they are being abused by them)  or perhaps may be missing their Natural Mothers (that they might of lived with for a time or most of their lives like Candace did) should also be included in this list of now admitted bogus mental illnesses that effect children.....
Don't ya think?

Granted, sadly Autism is a legitimate disorder but it is NOT a mental illness and none of these vulnerable children need any of these unhealthy psychiatric drugs that the insipid Psychiatrists that their Parents turn to say they do.
That is just another lie being told so The Big Pharma can make even more undeserved money off of a slew of innocent kids that their insidious injections made sick in the first place......

In addition to being dragged off to be murdered in a blanket, Candace Elmore Newmaker was incorrectly and sinisterly labeled bipolar by her full of bullocks, evil flake of an Adoptive Mother Jeane Newmaker as well.

And that bogus diagnosis that she used to console herself with because Candace did not like her overbearing and frightening personality along with the fact that poor Candace was rightfully missing her real Mother ended up becoming nothing less than convenient fodder for Jeane's paid off cronies Julie Ponder and Connell Watkins who used this outrageous label in part to condone assaulting her with Attachment Therapy.

While the truth was the only thing that was ever wrong with Candace Newmaker was that she could not handle being suddenly ripped away from her loving Mother Angie Elmore and her siblings that she adored and be forced to live with a mean looking control freak who she was expected against her will to call Mom.......
And BELEIVE was her Mother.
As in conceived and gave birth to her.......
Because that is what that spoiled brat Jeane Newmaker DEMANDED.
To be able to purchase this role for herself through Adoption AND HAVE CANDACE COMPLY (to that insanity).
And when she wouldn't.
When she couldn't.
This sweet little girl who never hurt anyone ended up being the one who paid.
With her life.........

And all the stupid people out there who love to point out that Attachment Therapy helped Adoptee Beth Thomas snidely overlook the fact that Beth had major emotional problems due to BEING MOLESTED BY HER FATHER, which effected her level of trust and wanting to get close to any parental figure at all.
It also, unfortunately possibly made her homicidal towards her Adoptive Family because she couldn't kill who she wanted to kill.
Her Biological Father for violating her.
It goes without saying too that Beth Thomas just might of had serial killer tendencies anyway even if she hadn't suffered the abuse she did.
Because there are plenty of children who have been raped by demonic adults who never go on to commit murder, even when they are adults themselves......
So I guess we'll never ever really know for sure.

The point is however is that CANDACE NEWMAKER AND OTHER ADOPTEES that were made to endure this disrespectful brainwashing due to narcissistic Adoptive Parents NEVER were like Beth Thomas.
They never hid knives in their teddy bears or plotted to exterminate anyone.

And do I even have to say that to try to force someone to be close to you by screaming at them or holding them physically hostage is at the very least completely and totally immature.

A sign of someone who is unevolved....

Especially for Adoptive Parents who say they are Christians.

Because the last thing Attachment Therapy will EVER be is Christ like....

I mean seriously, don't any of them understand what do unto others really means?

Would they actually want to have a bunch of other adults sitting on top of them shouting at them and  trying to make them feel guilty because they aren't best friends with someone who wants them to be?

How insane is that?

People don't even do that to a dog.....

Barren woman REALLY have to start finding a more sane way to deal with their rage at not being able to conceive too.
Taking it out on the kids they Adopt in this way is psychotic and makes them UNBELEIVABLY UNFIT Parents.

Creepy Child Abusing Battleax Nancy Thomas.

In the LMN movie "Child Of Rage" which portrays what Beth Thomas went through and the condition she was in, the type of holding therapy used on her is nothing like what we see that psychopath Neil Feinstein doing.
It is portrayed as compassionate, non oppressive.....
Non violent.
But is that how it really was?
What exactly did Connell Watkins tell Ken Magid (Beth's Attachment Therapist) to do to her?
And how could that horrid woman (who now calls herself C.J. Cooil btw instead of Connell Watkins) actually of led her to be helped if she only went on to show her true reptilian colors by practicing her new found offensive specialty "rebirthing therapy" on sane and innocent children?

What is equally as curious is the fact that not only did Beth's original Adoptive Parents run out on her later after she finished her treatment, she has been involved for a long time through her new obnoxious Adoptive Mother Nancy Thomas with this corrupt form of "therapy" inflicted on Adoptees by monsters like Neil Feinberg.....
Perhaps the above commenter said it all.
And perhaps that asshole Feinberg says it all too......

Ah, Evergreen Colorado.....
Where poor Candace Newmaker lost her dignity, her future, her freedom and her right to live because of a diabolical Nurse Ratched who thought she had a right to make a helpless child her slave......

Where Adoptees are still everyday used, exploited and scapegoated at their unglued Adoptive Parents will through the hands of corrupt fanged left wing "Attachment Therapists"........
That control their victims.
That enslave their victims.
That brainwash their victims.
That destroy their victims.
Of Closed  Adoption.
Of Forced Adoption.
Of the NWO......

She is the cool breeze on your face
She is the warm sun on your back
She is the laughter in the wind
And the crocus standing proudly in the snow......
She is all that was beautiful
All that was precious
All that was rare........

She is our Angel Candace forever.......
Flying high above
Smiling down on all of us.
I love you Candace.
Happy Birthday.

Candace  Tiara Elmore
November 19th 1989-April 18th 2000

Footnote: Due to technical difficulties beyond my control this post could not be published on November 19th, Candace's birthday.
It will however being published through editing on that date out of respect to and in memory of her.


  1. Touche Improper. No one can criticize Xians acting badly enough! I admire your bravery.
    (RIP Candace, I wish this never happened to you).

  2. Yeah me too Wish that had never happened to her. I wonder if that fat ass bitch Connell feels any guilt yet. Nah, and she never will (until she gets her karma in this life or the next). It infuriates me she didn't get the death penalty for what she did to poor Candy, but we Adoptees just aren't that important right? Hugs OTR.

  3. This is a very sad post. Feinberg is a monster and he should of gone to jail not just lost his license. I hope that kid sued his ass off when he turned 18, I would of! AT is child torture and it shouldn't be legal at all. I can't believe what some people will do to earn a buck in this country. RIP Candace.