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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Can We Trust Troy Dunn?

Please read my most recent posts about Troy Dunn who has proved after how terribly he abused Dusten and Veronica Brown he can NOT be trusted to be anything but a charlatan, a hypocrite and a money grubber!

Why Does Troy Dunn Want To Make A Career Out Of Being A Compulsive Liar And A Hypocrite? 

I've Got An F Word For You Too Troy Dunn.......


It's An Adoptee's DUTY......Boycott APB With Troy Dunn Premiering Tonight

APB Yields Very Low Ratings.....While Troy Dunn Continues To Insult All Of Us All Over His Facebook Page!

Troy Dunn Lies To Tulsa World! And Then Pulls A Capobianco On His Facebook Page......

Meet A REAL Locator Who Successfully Reunites Adoptees For Free.....

Can We Trust Troy Dunn? continues under the picture that symbolizes how every Adoptee in America is treated......

The article below dashed my hopes about Troy Dunn and his new Tv show as perhaps our long awaited angel who would finally give some help to Adoptees and BSE Mothers and easily and affordably, bring us back together again.

(Yes, Adoption Agencies actually have the GALL after forcing most of our Mothers to give us away, to make us pay 18 years later to find them again).

Everyone has heard about this man, and most have seen the commercial for this program, where he goes to a woman's door and tells her the baby "she gave up" for Adoption is looking for her......

"The Locator" is scheduled to premiere Saturday night at 9pm on WE, but what some may not be aware of, is that Troy Dunn is a bishop in the LDS/Mormon Church......

And I have to wonder with the totally insane and downright cruel views they hold in relation to Adoption and Adoption Records, along with all their self-centered, irrational "Forever Family" drivel, why he is trying to reunite Adoptees and "Birth Mothers" in the first place? 

I was quite taken aback as I read that after he had found his Mother's Mother, his Grandmother, she said "If I knew it was going to call, I might have aborted it"

Needless to say, Dunn's Mother is estranged from this woman.

But I have to wonder too, if this show is just another catalyst to push the relentless image of sainthood for the Holy Pro-Closed Adoption Record AP, and if in fact he really even did find his Grandmother and she really did say that.

Being Adopted, and raised in a situation as psychotic and discriminatory as being told I could not even legally know my OWN Mother's name, has made me a bit skeptical of everything, and so have all the lies I was told by the Agency that Adopted me out.

The fact that we used and abused born out of wedlockers can trust no one concerning the subject of Adoption, just goes with the territory I all involved have their own agenda......

Feel free to click this link which will lead you to the entire Digg story from which I just quoted and decide for yourself if he is here to help us or hinder us.......

And as usual bring your *bastard barf bucket with you......


Lost and Found
LDS TV host turns family searches into his life's work
By Scott D. Pierce
Deseret News
Published: Monday, Sept. 1, 2008 12:47 a.m. MDT

Troy Dunn built a business and a life searching for people's missing relatives and friends, and it couldn't have started any closer to home.
With his own mother.
"Mom here is the reason that I started doing this," Dunn said. "She's adopted. I grew up listening to her talk about her desire to find her birth family."
It was his first such search.
"We gathered up the information that she had found and were able to locate her family," he said. "And I placed a phone call to Mom. It was a Saturday afternoon. I said, 'Mom, are you sitting down? I'm holding the piece of paper that is your mother's phone number.'
"Mom began to weep in a way that I've never heard her cry, and I knew at that moment this is exactly what I wanted to do."
That grew into a business that is hugely successful — both in terms of finding lost people and financially. Over the past 18 years, he's found more than 40,000 people. In 2002, Dunn sold the business to the Utah-based but still takes an active part in searches. In addition to working as a motivational speaker, author and investigator, he's set up a lot of reunions for TV shows over the past decade.
He also finds time to be a bishop in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Fort Meyers, Fla.
Dunn's television exposure has led to his own TV show. "The Locator" debuts on cable/satellite channel WE on Saturday.
Ironically, Katie Dunn's story didn't have a happy ending. As a matter of fact, it "still makes me cry," she said.
"Her birth mother rejected her," Troy Dunn said. And she did so by using "the most painful phrase I've ever heard in my 18 years of doing this."
"She ... said, 'If I knew it was going to call, I might have aborted it.'"
Which was the toughest thing Katie Dunn could have heard.
"Now, did I take it gracefully? Not at first," she said. "But I wasn't going to push myself into someone's life where I wasn't wanted. And I knew this could be stirring up such pain. And that's the last thing I want for the woman who gave me life."
And she has no regrets.
"I'd do it over again in a heartbeat," Katie Dunn said. "I wanted a couple of things out of it. I hoped for a new beginning, and I needed closure. I got the closure, which was a huge gift."
As a matter of fact, Katie Dunn said the experience turned out to be a "total positive." For one thing, she met biological siblings she never knew existed.
"But birthdays and Mother's Day continued to be really tender spots for me, and I kept thinking, 'Maybe she'll call. Maybe, maybe maybe.' Until I just had to reach a point to let go and say, 'You know what? It's OK and it's over.'


There are comments all over the forum for this article written by LDS social workers, LDS Adoption Agency owners and employees who vie for Closed Adoption records and who want single women to place their babies so the 27 Mormon Adoption Agencies (a part of the NCFA, want adoptees files sealed forever) can continue to charge LDS PAP's (Prospective Adoptive Parents) fees in the thousands (20-50) to Adopt an infant. Social Workers who successfully manipulate an unwed Mother to hand her child over to strangers, also GET COMMISSIONS, and one of the sales pitches they use online and off, is that because they may not have a lot of money at the moment, they should give their flesh and blood to other people-they try to make a temporary situation the Real Mother is in, into it will be that way for the child's whole life if she keeps her baby. This is ridiculous of course, as those who financially gain from the Adoption Industry have no way of knowing this. (This is also done to punish an unmarried female for conceiving out of wedlock, without any thought by so called "professionals", how being separated from one's Real Mother and family can cause permanent emotional harm to the child). This is also the mainstream coercive tactic, to separate Mother and child for all Adoption Agencies in the USA and for the Department of Social Work).


  1. From the article:

    'If I knew it was going to call, I might have aborted it.'

    Wow, I don't what to say to that.

    I'm suspicious since he is LDS affiliated. But I'd also like to keep an open mind, he could turn out to be a reformer (one can only hope).

  2. When I found out that he was an LDS bishop, I stopped myself from even promoting his business. I question most of the intentions of LDS Family Services.

    As far as Camira is concerned, she is raising the money right now to get the appeal going. I did talk to her and her mother.

  3. hi there, I was wondering in light of "Dr" Phil's recent program against ICWA on which Troy was a guest- would you be willing to do an article on the show and the importance of ICWA for the First Nations?

  4. Hi Mary,
    I have now written two posts concerning the ICWA and Troy Dunn's backstabbing actions towards them. SAVED Part I & II. I totally support the ICWA and believe these laws should always have the upper hand.

    1. I saw that, and then forgot to respond to you!

    2. Hi Mary, it's okay. I get sidetracked all the time too. Isn't it just beyond sad what happened? I can't believe I got so into this, Dusten being with Veronica, so happy for them just to have it all fall apart and have my heart fall apart too. I can't even put intowords how much I hate Troy Dunn either now at this point. Anyway...I keep hoping something will happen, but I think when Veronica is older she will have the power they both need now. How are you btw, I hope you have been well.

  5. I don't care what kind of church Troy is part of. I thought the show was great and was disappointed when it was canceled. You can't judge a person by their religon.. God is & can be worshiped in many ways. Who are we to judge people when we are not perfect either.

  6. I'm a little confused on this whole story I guess. Is it only certain types of adoptions that are like the one your talking about? When I was fifteen years old (I'm now 32) I placed my daughter up for adoption, I went through an adoption agency and selected her parents, I communicated with them for sixteen years through letters and pictures and just this past year got to meet my daughter. We are now building a relationship and thank goodness for having the instinct I did then I selected two great parents for her that have loved and raised her very well, better than I could have as a child having a baby. I found them on my own, no help from any agencies, I just knew the adoptive parents first names and bits and peices from their location and miraculously found them. I dont think every adoption story is like the ones you might be referring too.

  7. Anonymous: "You can't judge a person by their religon.. God is & can be worshiped in many ways. Who are we to judge people when we are not perfect either."

    Who is Troy Dunn or the Admin to accused and judged a person?

    Please read this.

    Warning From FB Admin: several individuals have been busted on this fan page posing as professional people finders or members of Troy Dunn's Locator team but they are NOT. most recently an individual posting as "James Erik" has been banned from this page. Discard any messages you have gotten from this individual and send us a PM of any communications you get from anyone under that name. Help us protect against identity theft and scams by reporting ANY person who Private Messages you from this fan page, offering to "assist" in your search. There are NO authorized searchers on this site other than Troy Dunn. Beware of posers.

    Who is he to judged and accused my friend James Erick, he does not even know him, this post is Public on his Fan Page. Please read the following....

    I am proud to say that James Erick is for real, he is not just a Poser and he does not do any Scams neither does any Identity theft....

    James Erick has helped many Amerasian's (abandoned children's of US Military Half American/Half Filipino)and I am one of them, and guess what he helped many of us for FREE. and I am one of them, What James Erick needed from us is our father's name, birthdate, what year was he in the Philippines, what year we were born to match the record of them being in the Philippines, also Place of Birth, and if possible if we happen to have his Social Security, (it's faster to locate a person if SSS does exist, pictures of our father, in my situation, I did not have my father's SSS, but I have the rest. It took James Erick one day to find him, and he probably did not sleep, and he probably skipped a meal just to find my father for me, he also found my sister's father that only took him 5 minutes because I have their father's SSS#, that was last year May 2011, since then I have established relationship with my father's mom and his siblings, and other realtives, unfortunately It was too late for me to established a relationship with my father, because he past away 6 years ago. To tell the story short, James Erick is not the person that Troy Dunn is talking about...

    Troy Dunn was actually James Erick's Idol before the accusation that Troy Dunn made on his Fan Page, It started when one of Troy Dunn's fan's asked him to locate her nephew, she posted it on Troy Dunn's fan Page, and James Erick read it, he was so interested to help her out, because this fan's story was challenging and really sad, so what James Erick did, James offered this lady that he can help her find him, and he did offer her for FREE like usual... and so this Lady gave all the info that would be very useful to find the right person, and he did. This lady was really happy that someone like James Erick was able to find her nephew for Free.

    Troy Dunn and the admin found out that someone did help this lady without a fee. The lady posted it on Troy Dunn's fan page about the success of being able to locate her nephew with James Erick's help, the Admin of Troy the Locator posted a warning about my friend James. It is located above. Since then we have been posting and replying to that topic, defending our friend James, and telling the ADMIN that the accusation is'nt true, and we demanded to Publicly Apologize to James, but no one ever did, and all of my comments and the rest of the Amerasian's reply are deleted by their admins. It's so unfair that Troy Dunn and his Mom accused a person that is not even true.

  8. Well, hi Rose. Um, I am not part of the Facebook crowd-don't even have an account and I never will. I never have gone on Troy Dung's page either-but I have heard his fees are outrageous and since the Mormons are ALL about money I can see if your story is true and you have a friend finding people for free that Dung is going to flip out. Less business for him..I'm not saying you aren't telling the truth, I am just saying I am not familiar with any of this, and will be checking it out. But to give you the benefit of the doubt, I am publishing your comment because you know, I know ALL about Mormoms ripping people off. You and your friend might want to look into suing for defamation and slander. Goodness knows Troy could use his bubble popped..since you know he thinks he is Jesus and least that is how he goes around acting.

    1. OMG!!! I hope you don't profess to being a Christian!!! You are SO prejudiced against Mormons!!!

    2. Mormons are PREDJUDICED AGAINST US ANON and they started it first.


  9. I have to add too, that I am DONE with Troy Dunn. I do not trust this dufus anymore and I think he just does what he does for control and big bucks, just like the Adoption Industry. I also think he does it just to be famous and I don't think he really cares about anyone.

  10. I read some of your posts and was curious about the man named James Erick. I am looking for someone and I truly can't afford the fee from Troy Dunn and thought I could tell Mr. Erick my story and see if he would help me. Thanks for any information. -Janine

  11. Janine, I don't know who this man is and I am still checking this situation out. If he is legit I don't
    think he should of advertised to help anyone on Dunn's page for free, just because, well look at how Dunn reacted and what he said. So I will say to you and everyone proceed at your own risk, while I hope James Erick is a true search angel, (and if he is I exalt this man) because being with those you love SHOULDN'T be only for people who can afford one of the Mormons greedy 700+ businesses, lol. I have to say to that Troy Dunn has A LOT of nerve to mention identity theft in his "warning" when he is in a religion that bars Adoptees from our identities every day...

  12. Looking at my comment I made to Anon recently I saw I made a typo, so I am retyping it.
    To Anon (Dec 12th 9:40 pm)
    You need to understand that not all Open Adoptions are successful, and actually most are not because there are no laws that protect Natural Mothers and Adoptees from having contact cut off between them via the Adoptive Parent. You need to understand as well that Adoption started out as Closed which has affected millions upon millions of people who still do NOT know who their Parents are or where their child is and once again the laws are against us due to lies. Lies like Birth Mother Privacy which was started by a lesbian pedophile named Georgia Tann and put into law (as a reason to close adoption records) by a man who Adopted a stolen baby from her Herbert Lehman, then Gov. of NY 1936. So initially the entire Adoption System was started a criminal (Tann) and it has not changed much since.(Although in all honesty, we do not know if Lehman knew the baby he adopted was stolen and then closed adoption records to cover this up or if he closed the records due to some other lies Tann gave him when he adopted the baby from her, so she could cover her sleazy ass).

  13. I was one who was chosen for a story on The Locator back in April of 08. I had searched for my dad my whole life and had been unsuccessful. Troy was able to finally find him, however four days before filming my episode one of my siblings I never knew about was nervous about the show and found my mom. He called her and spoke with her over an hour. I was upset at my mom for talking to him and I did not want to know who the person was that called her as I felt safer going on the show since I did not know really who anybody was. I spoke with the producer of the show and told her that I still wanted to do the show and didn't want to know any details until we filmed it. I was honest about my word. In the end Troy said no due to the fact that he felt the surprise was ruined, which is not true since I never got any information from my mom. I was so upset but I knew that in the beginning of the casting process Troy promised to give me all information found, even if he did not choose the story. The producer called me the next day after my mom spoke with that sibling and told me that I had 20 brothers and sisters from my father. She said that they were finding more names and that it actually looks like I have 34 siblings from my dad. I was sitting on the side of the road when she was telling me this. The producer began to read off names and we eventually hung up. After calling my husband in shock I realized the producer only gave me names for 9 siblings and phone numbers for three of them. When I called her back for the rest, she told me that Troy would not release the rest of the information. I do not understand why he would do this. What did he need all that for? This is my life, not his. I can't stand to watch The Locator as he is arrogant and selfish for holding up our family from finding all the pieces to our story. To date I have found 11 of our siblings on our own and continue to work on the rest. I am getting my private investigation license so I can reunite families and never do to people what this man has done. I have even called and written emails to Troy pleading for the rest of the information. he has yet to respond, it will be 5 years in April. I don't have many nice things to say about this man and I have zero respect for his professionalism. He makes me sick!

  14. Hi Anonymous,
    I am sorry you had to go through that and learned the hard way what a jerk Troy Dung really is (typo intended :) this is what I am calling him now, since that is what he is full of)....
    It totally pisses me off that he cared more about the asinine format of his tv show, the "surprise element", than he did about respecting your feelings the way he SHOULD OF. But you see, Dung is a control freak. And this whole "surprise element" represents his arrogance that dictates in his judgmental warped head that he should decide who gets to know members of their own family and who shouldn't. The entire Mormon religion, that this idiot is a bishop in, are the most ruthless, maniacal and sinister enemies of Adoptees, First Mothers and Open Adoption Record Activists in the world, along with The Catholic Church and The Knights of Columbus. They payoff people, lie to people, and blackmail people to keep Adoptees from knowing all we have a right to know about our own bloodlines, and First Mothers about their children. One thing I absolutely could not stand about Dung's show was the way he acted when he was asking people about their stories-it was the look on his face, like he was judge, jury and executioner and was condemning people for out of wedlock pregnancies. Then after family members were reunited he'd be filmed walking away, and just the way they did it, making him look like he was Christ who just did a good deed or Christ in his lone wolf persona really turned me off. It just made me roll my eyes. Dung and his leather jacket is just way to caught up in the plastic of Hollywood to even be a Christian imo.
    Do you mind if I ask you who this sibling was, is he your Father's child? And did you ever find your Dad? I wouldn't trust Dung's producer about the information she gave you. She may have an ulterior motive. The reason to that Dung would not tell you about YOUR family, is that he does have Closed Adoption Record mentality, despite "The Locator" and all his statements about "finding all the peices". Just the fact that he charges so damn much money is also proof of that. Closed Adoption itself btw, was NOT started by Christians, but by a man of a different religion and a godless pedophile (Georgia Tann) as I mention above in another comment and in various posts on this blog. Yet Christians "adopt" this horrible, unforgiving and cruel practice and then twist it into it is helping the poor and it is "God's will" for infertile couples, which of course is a crock of shit.
    You know, if I was you I would sue Dung for fraud. He deserves it. I bet there are a lot of people who would love to do that. This morning while I was reading my stat counter I just sat here shaking my head at key words people typed in concerning him, "troy Dunn scam", Troy Dunn is fake". You are not alone being hurt and betrayed by Troy Dung Anon, and it bothers me the anger, pain and frustration he has caused. I am still livid about what he did to Dustin Brown and I will be forever. (If you don't know about what he tried to do to this poor man and his daughter, you can read my posts Saved I & II to find out). I am happy for you that you are going into PI work-I would of loved to do that, and after what you have been through YOU deserve to have all the control and I think you rock for wanting to help other people the right way not the Dung way. I wish you the best in finding the rest of your family and I can't wait for the day when you have and you all can be together, as all of you deserve the peace that Troy Dung refused to give you.

  15. Was doing a Google for Troy Dunn. I'd written to him NUMEROUS times to no avail. So I started doing some research. FYI...his mother, Katie Arliene Dunn lists herself on Facebook as "Media Director/Sr. Researcher at Dunn Deal, Inc." So I did a search of Florida business licenses where she lives. Well according to the license it states, Christopher Dunn as the owner, date filed 4/22/98, but that the license is INACTIVE. --> I've seen many of their Facebook page posts and many of them are about how his office never replies. Presently he's recruiting for more people to do stories. Now I'm wondering if he's "recruiting" just to gather more info for his database. I'm finding many things in question when it comes to Troy Dunn and his associates. He tells people not to post their search info on the Internet, but to post it to him privately. I now ask "Why?" Does he just want to monopolize the search market? Makes me think so. As to my search, I found various public records and was able to find the person I was looking for within 3 hours! No need to utilize Troy Dunn's "services."

  16. Dunn Deal...I'm just sitting here rolling my eyes..He should be a Dunn Deal and just go away..Thanks for that info Anon. I personally think since he is a Mormon he is trying to sabotage Adoptees searches. THAT is what he is doing, because I don't believe he really believes as I said before, what he has said in interviews and on his stupid tv show, after what he did to Dustin and Veronica. I think he is charging them for it as well, because we and our Mothers and Fathers are all Quasimotos to those in his "religion", and we deserve to be abused, tricked, mocked and laughed at according to these oh so loving "Christians".

    1. I'm becoming less and less impressed with what Troy Dunn and his “family” are all about the more I see, hear and learn about them. How do you say hypocrite? According to him, and I repeat, according to him, the majority of the proceeds he makes these days goes to finding a cure for pediatric cancer. Well, they must be throwing MILLIONS at cancer research with the lifestyle they're living. Have you taken a look at his different houses for each season he's been on TV? Yes, he is charging to locate people. His website clearly states it ( way I look at it he focuses on helping those who pay much sooner, if at all, those who sign up for the “free” option. How do you say, “hypocrite?”

  17. "Anonymous February 18, 2013 9:46 AM
    OMG!!! I hope you don't profess to being a Christian!!! You are SO prejudiced against Mormons!!!"

    Mormons ARE Christians?!!!!!!!!
    Damn..I never knew that. Especially by how they ACT...

    1. I know nothing about adoptions. I am so sorry you have had such a hard time, I only looked up Troy Dunn to find out more about what he does with his show. I am not his advocate in any way. You have every right to feel poorly about him or anyone else you feel has abused their power or authority. But can you please stop discriminating against my religion? I have done nothing to you and I feel your hatred from across the internet.

    2. Anon, I find it hard to believe that you know nothing about Adoptions being a Mormon. LDS has the MOST Adoption Agencies in the world. And these Agencies make millions of dollars a year for your Church, at the expense of innocent babies(like I was once). I also don't understand why you think I am discriminating against your religion. Is criticizing the hateful attitudes Mormons have towards Single pregnant Mothers who your Church force to give their babies away being a bigot? I think it is the other way around....I also am sick and tired of the outright cruel deception that your religion inflicts on Single Fathers by offering to pay off the Mothers of their infants to keep these Fathers out of their own child's life (ie: not even telling him that his child is going to be put up for Adoption) so a Mormon Adoption Agency can make money from that Adoption smoothly (ie: the Father will not contest it because he does not even know about it). Your religion DISCRIMINATES against unwed Mothers and Fathers instead of forgiving them and helping them raise their child. Your religion also discriminates against "bastards" like me by mixing up our birth information (actually outright lying is more like it) like time, day, month of birth so we can never find our Biological Families. Your Jesus said NOT to lie. Your Jesus said NOT to judge. Your Jesus said NOT to punish and Your Jesus said TO forgive, all rules that not only Troy Dunn completely ignores but all of you Mormons embrace. I think it is sad you are a Mormon Anon because you have been taught nothing but non truths and the wrong behavior to enact. You seem like a gentle enough person so why don't you leave this Ant-Christian cult and begin to think for yourself. With your heart...not some bogus man made drivel that has nothing to do with how Christianity is supposed to be.

    3. typo: all rules that not only Troy Dunn completely ignores but all of you Mormons * refuse to embrace

  18. And Anon (9:46 AM),
    Btw, I can't TELL you how happy I am that I am NOT in a religion that wants to do nothing more than treat me like absolute DIRT...and does.

    1. Well, IMO God didn't want us to get religion. He wanted us to get Him! He wants us to read His Bible. No where in it does it say we're to divide up into “denominations.” As for me, I consider myself a “Christian,” but I don't belong to a “denomination.” A “denomination” just causes division amongst people and that is NOT what God wants. I also don't need an intermediary to talk to God, especially one sitting in a box remaining hidden. God wants us out in the open. I can talk to God any time I want to...He's got call waiting and I'm NEVER talking to Him at in inopportune time. It's like He's got call-waiting. As to those who go out of their way to let others know they're "Christian" (e.g. verbal statements or their Jesus jewelry or paraphernalia) I now stay away, because those individuals have turned out to be the biggest hypocrites, or at least that has been my experience, especially for the churches I've worked in their office for (I don't, and never will again.). “Christians” should show how “Christian” they are through their actions.

    2. Hi Anonymous (11:16 PM)
      I have to agree with what you said about "out in the open" and that is yet another problem I have with the attitudes towards unwed Mothers and the Closed Adoption System. And yes, Closed Adoption is still an "option" today through evil Adoption Agencies, even though many people on the internet try to cover this up. Just the other day I saw an ad in the phone book here ADVERTISING it and my stomach turned. It infuriates me that this legal form of child abuse is still being offered to single pregnant women. It also infuriates me that SO many Christians refuse to acknowledge that Jesus said NOT TO HIDE YOUR SINS. Yet shuffling women who conceived out of wedlock around and hiding them in monasteries, and then forcing them to hide again from their own children through Closed Adoption is considered Christian behavior and honoring what Jesus said? Anyone who ever read the New Testament knows full well that Jesus was not happy with Peter for denying he knew him and denying is also a big form of hiding. Christians should know that Jesus said to admit your sin, apologize for it and then people should forgive you for it. And forgiveness means NO punishment or vengeance at all. Right? Yet Christians weave into society (and into their religion, especially through merciless nuns) the exact OPPOSITE behavior, and then have the gaul call that Christian charity and the correct way to deal with women in this situation. That is one reason I left the Church..
      Another reason is just because, well God and Jesus just never worked for me, and I have no more faith.
      Long story.
      But since you still do, I will say it is nice to meet a REAL Christian in you as you hold the viewpoints and act in ways that Christians were always supposed to. I agree with what you said about denominations as well. Jesus taught one set of lessons and one way of behavior and denominations do nothing but argue his teachings. It isn't rocket science to see that all he said was a straight line. A line that many people have twisted and turned at the expense of others well being and to make big bucks. You just keep your Church within your heart as you have Anonymous. Because your understanding of the truth of your religion (and your acceptance of it) will always protect you from hypocrites like Mormons and from being "Dung"ed...:)

    3. Thank you for the kind words and the enlightenment. For that I am blessed. ;)

  19. Hi Anonymous (11:10 PM)
    Well, I guess he is donating to pediatric cancer because I heard his daughter has it? Which is to bad, and I truly hope she gets cured but I agree with you about Troy's greed which was obvious before she was diagnosed with it. Obvious with the Mormons themselves as they are ALL about money (except donating any of it to single Mothers to help them raise their children...they'd rather make millions ripping them and keeping them apart)

    1. How pathetic! It's their bad behavior that gives "Christianity" a bad name. As stated before, "How do you say hypocrite?"

    2. Church of Latter Day Saints?
      ROTFLMAO :)

  20. I think I need to write an update on Can We Trust Troy Dunn? and guess what I want to call it...
    "Been Dunged"?
    Seriously, I am going to do this. I am working on an update post concerning President Putin and the truth about Russian Orphans and simultaneously writing a new one about the tv show Downton Abbey, which will be called "Downton Abbey Breaks My Heart", but I am going to try to find time to do all three now. (I hope, lol).
    And for anyone who is interested at the end of March this blog will now feature "The Flying Monkey Awards" every year to highlight those who have succeeded in ripping apart the hearts of Adoptees the best due to The Closed Adoption System and through daily abuses in other forms that are spewed on us.
    Should I nominate Troy Dunn...? (LOL)
    Please come vote next month in my poll to elect the winner!!
    And thanks to all who have sent me such great comments. You really make my day!

  21. I was always interested in finding my parents when I was young. Then again when I had children. My adoptive mother told me lies about my birthmother. I finally found out her name, names, etc. (women are difficult to trace because they can marry and change their names. Finally I found a great uncle (my mother's brother). He was the cat's meow. Such a nice man. When we talked about my mother (who was much younger than he) he told me one thing: when you look for something you might be disappointed when you find it. I mulled that over for a good long time. I understand that my mother had at least 13 children and gave all but two up for adoption. I am the oldest. In my mind, that is a crazy thing to do. Now that I am 60, I really am not interested in searching anymore, my adopted family are all dead and there is no point in having more relatives that might be good or might be bad. I just remember what Uncle told me. I figure I am Eve and my garden has two daughters and five grandchildren. I am blessed and don't really want to share that with potentially crazy people. Been there, done that!

  22. Hi Anon,
    I am wondering, how did you find out the information you did about your Mother? Did your Great Uncle did tell you she had so many children? I agree it is insane to give one's children away. I think I am at the point now in my life, where I know there are some bad Biological Mothers, just like there are bad Adoptive Mothers, online and off, but the point is secrets are bad to. And maybe some Adoptees will have Natural Family's that stink when they find them, they will dislike each other, they will fight, just like family's that were never separated by Adoption at all, but ALL Adoptees should have the RIGHT to know who their Natural Family is even if they end up hating them, just like the Non-Adopted do, lol. Trying to control people with Closed Adoption Records is the most immature act in the world. It is also one of the most sinister acts, that I truly believe, all involved in will pay for one day in some way.

  23. Glad I read your posts I was close to using their service s as I need to find someone . I m working on adopting, I told the kids that I love them like a grandmother, and that their mother just hasn't t grown up yet, but I know she loves them. I know all their personal family info and when they finish school , they can find their parents. I think they should know who they come from, that s very important to native Americans.

  24. Yup, I know it is and that is why again I am so happy for the ICWA laws. I kind of wish that if you do Adopt you will let the kids know who their Mother is WHILE they are growing up. Most Adopted kids have what I call brain freeze because they do not know. It is like trying to get somewhere (ie: just live daily life peacefully without something eating at one all the time and causing pain) but we are stopped by a brick wall we can't walk through...seeing pictures of their Parents and hearing their voices, is SO important for them to develop maturity, self-respect and self-worth. And to me, allowing children to have those qualities is truly loving and taking care of them. Just my two cents since I've been there.

  25. After a family history of abandonment and abuse to being adopted out at 9, my mom enterd marriage as a 17yr old girl. Pregnancy was quick x2. The husband went awal in military and family. When he came back to make right his wrong, it was to late. A man had come into our lives that suppprted us and was loyal to our little family. Our family was salvaged through the Gift of Jesus.
    At the time I was told of the adoption of my sister and I, a third sibling had entered the family by our mom and adoptive dad.
    I am older now, Mom has been deceased for years and dad remarried, his loyalties now to his new wife.
    Is it unreasonable to now try to find my biological father and or possible siblings?

  26. Wow, Anon. It brings tears to my eyes that you are asking me this. I am sorry to that your Dad made a mistake and left. My child's father was not around either. I was also a single Mother. But there is such a thing as forgiveness if someone is sorry or as you put it, he tried to right his wrong. And I mean forgiving him enough to try to find him and find out what happened. It will be up to you to forgive him after you hear what he has to say about why he abandoned all of you. The thing is to, is that YOU need closure. So yes, definitely seek him out. Sometimes men in war get real messed up and that is why he could of left. He was forced to fight so..And no! it is never to late to try. It is so much better to KNOW what happened than to wonder about it-it will eat away at you. Please let me know what happens okay? And if you need some search tips I can help you. Take care.

  27. I really want to know what his being Mormon has to do with any of this. Just because he is Mormon doesn't mean the Mormon Church has anything to do with the way he does things. He is an individual and makes his own decisions about how he runs his business. And btw, the Mormon Church only charges what the government gets to handle adoptions. They do not make any profit. They would charge nothing if they could, but the government wants their part. It does not cost the birth mother anything

  28. ARG...grrr.... Anon, your comment is SO wrong on so many levels. I don't have time to address them all right now, but I will be back to do so.

  29. So Anon....
    The Mormon Church has NO influence on how Troy Dunn "does things" as you say..
    Surely you jest with the indication that this religion does not dictate member's behavior due to their beliefs....
    Drinking for instance. Mormons are not allowed to drink. Which personally I think is ridiculous but hey, I'm never going to be one of them so.
    I'm never giving up my Bud Light either.
    Goodness knows this world incites the need for liquid protection! Especially if you are an Adoptee fighting the Pro-Closed Record piranhas, lol.
    This rule however does override the fact that the Jesus they say they worship made tons of wine for a wedding. At his Mother's request. He never told her not to drink. He obviously had no problem watching everyone else drink either.
    So what's up with that?
    The Mormons also override Jesus's commandment to forgive and love each other. Unmarried pregnant girls/young women are SUPPOSED to be forgiven. Yet bishops in the Mormon Church OUTRIGHT STATE TO UMMARRIED MOTHERS, MORMON OR NOT THAT THEY MUST MARRY OR GIVE THEIR BABY UP FOR ADOPTION. AND YES, THAT IS PARTLY TO PUNISH THEM. Mitt Romney did this as a matter of fact.
    Mormons also don't seem to have a problem loving money. Something else their Jesus spoke out against.
    Have you ever heard of the NCFA Anon?
    It is a huge group of Mormon Adoption Agencies THAT WANT ADOPTEES FILES SEALED FOREVER.
    And anytime any bill may be passed to open our records they start whining left and right and send off thousands of emails at the appropriate target to make sure the bill is NOT passed.
    So let me get this straight about the Mormons.
    They say they are Christian (I beg to differ).
    They are against drinking wine like Jesus made.
    They are against forgiving other people like Jesus said to.
    And they are against not loving money and making mountains of it in their 750 businesses, one of which is Adoption.
    Troy Dunn says he is against not finding "all the pieces" as we have all heard him say a million times.
    Yet he also is against letting an innocent little girl named Veronica be with her Father so she NEVER HAS TO GO LOOKING FOR THOSE PIECES later on in her life being motivated by all the pain that will make her search to begin with.
    Troy Dunn is also against other people helping Adoptees find their natural families for free...
    Yes, according to him it is all hunky dory to support the views of Adoptees and First Mothers about the pain due to Adoption if HE is making all the bucks and running the show.
    Sorry Anon, but Troy Dunn Almighty does not get to walk both sides of the fence on my path....
    He does NOT get to position himself as some saint on The Locator show and then try to destroy a Natural Family being together on the Dr. Phil show...
    He does not get to try to make Adoptees and First Mothers clamor to him like he is Jesus Christ for the purpose of reunion while having an authoritative position in a religion that FORBIDS THAT SINGLE MOTHERS RAISE THEIR OWN CHILDREN.
    He does not get to seem sympathetic to the plight of identity crisis that plagues Adoptees when he pulls a Mr. Hyde in his other job as a Mormon Bishop that promotes that plague to begin with...
    So please don't tell me that Troy Dunn's religion has nothing to do with his behavior and his hypocrisy when it IS his religion that taught him all the wrong mindsets to begin with...
    And still does.

  30. Oh and one last thing. DON'T tell me either that Adoption doesn't cost "Birthmothers" anything.
    It costs them EVERYTHING lady...EVERYTHING

  31. Hi!
    While following your blog It has become apparent that Mormans have a great deal of weight in adoption matters.
    This religion may have its outward appearance of goodness but are not Christians in the true sense of the definition. There are a few that may truly know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, but this is not the case for most we have encountered. When a man is building his own kingdom here on earth,which is possibly why they want closed adoption due to the children are apart of their personal kingdom, this mans kingdom is not of Gods plan. No where in the Bible does one find we are to promote our own kingdom and it being what affects life after this earthly life.
    All this to say Mormons are not Followers of Jesus and Gods ways. They may use a Bible for what is convenient to promote their beliefs, but God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and his ways, though not our ways are final and simple, where as Mormonism is of man and confusing as well as cultish.
    I as a Christian have nothing to do with my salvation, it is not of works lest I boast, cults are all about themselves and their own works, not faith in Jesus. This may be preaching to a choir, yet as I say these things,we continue to hope and pray the eyes of such people are opened to the truth of faith in Christ, then the poor judgments they make, including at times negatively affecting the lives of those in the adoption whirlwind, can stop.

  32. Thank you. I would like to add that Closed Adoption and forcing single Mothers to give away their babies is as "Christian" as disgusting abortion. Period. I am no longer a Christian Anon, but I respect your viewpoints and appreciate your comment.

  33. I would like to know where you are getting your "facts" on Mormons.

  34. @ Anon who I had had been emailing last year. I am sorry we lost touch. I still wanted to give you more search tips and find out what happened w/your Dad. My computer crashed and I could not get into the email addy I had given you. I lost the password for it too which is a bad habit of mine.I hope you see this comment and accept my apology. And if you want to send me your email addy again I would appreciate it.

  35. Stunning website!
    Signed: No fan of Troy's

  36. Stunning website!
    Signed: NOT a fan of Troy's

  37. LOL you sent this comment twice Anon and I love it! For one can NOT say enough that Troy Dunn should not be supported (or tolerated or liked or have ANY fans at all...). Thank you for you comment(s) and for complimenting my blog.
    The Anti-Troy for life.. ;) :)

  38. A lot of un-Christian comments being written on the page . Haven't seen one decent comment for or against.

  39. I don't really understand your comment Anon. On what page? You mean the comment section on this post or on Troy the Dislocator's Facebook page? I hope you will come back and elaborate. If not I will say now that Mormons aren't Christian and what people are saying that you might deem un-Christian here is nothing more than rightful criticism of this cult and one of it's hypocritical leaders Troy Dumb, I mean Dunn.

  40. any form of criticism, bitterness, anger, hate, towards any other person is the projection of your own accumulated pain so please own it, let it go, and heal yourself, any criticism of any kind is non acceptance of what is, we are all one pure consciousness, essence, expression of god, incarnated in bodily human form, to hate any human is to hate yourself, and the expression of god, the essence that we are are is universal consciousness, we are not separate, we are each other, even those we look at and judge and despise and feel are the complete opposite of ourselves, you are unconscious people if you cannot accept all forms of life, as all are the full expression of god, even troy dunn ,terrorists, murderers every life form, judgement and thought forms are part the human condition and mind and is very dysfunctional, and not your true essence and being, please practice presence, try reading Eckhart tolle power of now, and please wake up, this is all unconscious behaviour, any criticism and negative energy you put into the physical world pollutes it, and this planet, and the collective mass energy and collective mysery will continue in this world . it is mental dysfunction and a form of insanity you are practising, with no consciousness of your behaviour and what you are encouraging here , we are all energy, and this will only serve to produce more suffering in this world, not love, acceptance, peace, joy, you may feel justified, this is ego, the human condition that associates thoughts as the sense of self, you are not your thoughts,nor your personal history, its not who you are, nor your mind, your essence of being is presence ,there isn't any here, you are asleep, unconscious, creating suffering, for yourself and others, awareness of consciousness is only way to dissolve the disease of the thoughts we think and what they produce create and put out to others and this world, what are you creating in this moment? hate, anger, bitterness, the need to be right, the fight, the cause, all human delusions to satisfy the mind, and the egoic self, that you associate as the self, you are not your thoughts or your mind, ultimately your essence is being, this cannot be conceptualized only felt ,by being fully present in the moment of now ,only now, this moment is consciousness, past and present do not exist nor time, present moment means being fully present now, only unconsciousness in the present moment creates problems and suffering, and the non acceptance of what is, you may feel and think you are trying to do something ultimately positive, but you are not, there is no self, its a mind made entity because we are never separate, ever, only awareness of your essence of being can give a true gift to this world, to our race ,the human form, life here for it to exist, hate and the projection of perceived wrong or anger is misplaced judgements of mind made suffering ,I say this with absolute love and kindness in mind, not with any personal judgements to those who speak here or may read this, its not criticism, or aimed at creating disharmony, but to perhaps engage those who this may resonate with who are becoming conscious again. we are all perfect expressions of god not to be judged ever we create our own suffering, so please don't create anymore for yourself or anyone else.

    1. I only published your bizarre comment for one reason.
      So I can say this to you...
      Put down the crack pipe nutjob.