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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Children Protected To DEATH By Child Protective Services.......

"There are more than half a million children and youth in the U.S. foster care system today. Studies reveal that children are 11 times more likely to be abused in state care than they are in their own homes, and 7 times more likely to die as a result of abuse in the foster care system."

John Walsh
"America's Most Wanted"
April 16, 2003

It IS a fact.
More children are killed, molested and abused BY CPS then they ever are by their Natural Parents.....

Please visit this beautiful website created to remember all the children murdered due to and by in some cases, Child Welfare Workers AND sign the Care2 PETITION to stop this from going on and to instate a Victims Of Child Welfare Memorial Day on every October 22nd.

"The state is now more involved than it has ever been in the raising of children, and children are now more neglected, abused, and mistreated than they have been in our time. This is not a coincidence, and, with all due respect, I am here to tell you: It does not take a village to raise a child. It takes a family."
Senator Robert Dole

"Suncana Sesic Alvarado has created a memorial website as a loving tribute to
Children Protected To DEATH By Child Protective Services.
Visit the memorial website and share in their memory by:
Reading about Protected To DEATH By Child Protective Services
Lighting candles
Offering your condolences
Viewing photo albums
and more
Upload photos now to Protected To DEATH By Child Protective Services
website, or send flowers or tokens of remembrance.
Together we can keep these children's memory close to our hearts".

Thanks to the Family Rights Association's website for this article.

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