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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Lucy.... you got some 'splaining to do"

Hmmm...maybe they should be exhumed so a DNA test can be done... Closed Adoption laws are such a sick joke...and if Lucy did give up her first child for Adoption, this is one time when her antics would NOT be funny...
The Associated Press
"Cassandria Lucianna Carlson, 38, of Illinois, nearly had a DNA sample to prove the claims, but the offer from an estranged Arnaz relative was suddenly rescinded, the Post reports.
Madeline "Linda" Jane Dee, Carlson's mother, was born four years before the 1951 debut of "I Love Lucy" and immediately given up for adoption to California nurse Ruth Smith. Birth records indicate Helen Elizabeth Barnes as the mother. There is no listed father.
Carlson said she has vivid, early childhood memories of a brash, red-headed woman called "Mrs. Morton" coming to visit her at her mother's house in the mid-1970s. Ball took the name Morton after divorcing Desi Sr. in 1960 and marrying Gary Morton".

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