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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ann Coulter Blames Single Mothers For America's Problems On This Morning's "Today" Show.....

Three Rivers Press
"Unhappy with today's problems? Ann Coulter blames single mothers".

"Ann Coulter appeared on the Today Show, her "life time ban" having been shortened to a single day. Ann Coulter spent just shy of ten minutes jousting verbally with host Matt Lauer, who took on a tone of mAnn Coulter on the Today Show more in sorrow than in anger.
Matt Lauer started by denying that NBC had "banned Ann Coulter for life" and asked why she had said that she was. Ann Coulter pointed out that the story had been spread by Matt Drudge, who claimed to have gotten in from an unnamed source within NBC. Ann Coulter pointed out that she had only been rescheduled after Drudge had splashed the headlines of her "life time ban" on his website. Ann Coulter did go a little too far, as is her practice, by comparing herself to Roland Burris. She is, by the way in case you were wondering, delighted that the Democrats are tearing themselves apart over Roland Burris.
Matt Lauer spent some time thrusting and parrying with Ann Coulter about the use of Barack Obama's middle name, Hussein. Ann Coulter, feigning innocence, wondered what the big deal was about the use of the President Elect's middle name, which actually is Hussein. Matt Lauer suggested that Ann Coulter was stroking up the tin foil hat brigade which still believes that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim. Matt Lauer, by asking that question, proves that he doesn't get Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter was not trying to provoke right wing crazies, but rather the left wing variety. She says "Barack Hussein Obama." Matt Lauer is shocked that Ann Coulter used the President Elect's full name. Ann Coulter feigns innocence wondering what the big deal with the name is. What's in a name? Just imagine "Thomas Hitler Dewey" trying to run for President in 1948.
Matt Lauer then proceeded to the actual book Ann Coulter is selling, "Guilty", by arguing that Ann Coulter is being mean to unwed mothers. Ann Coulter pointed out that children of unwed mothers tend to possess social pathologies, such as having criminal records and drug problems, far out of proportion to their numbers. If Ann Coulter can be faulted, and this may be in the book, she didn't mention that for every unwed mother there is an unwed father who is just as, if not more so, irresponsible.
Matt Lauer finished up by objecting to Ann Coulter's "tone," suggesting that, really, people elected Barack Obama because they cared about the issues. Ann Coulter had a good laugh over that. Ann Coulter on the Today Show, pointing out that the media eschewed tough, issues-oriented questions of Barack Obama and preferred soft balls.
All in all, it was a fun little sparring match. Matt Lauer was a game fighter, but Ann Coulter artfully parried all of his blows and landed a few herself. It was Ann Coulter by a technical knockout".

A FUN little sparring match? I highly doubt it was fun for any single Mother, or BSE Mother or Adoptee to listen to this hard hearted, overly aggressive, battleaxe to speak about a subject she knows NOTHING about. I have to wonder what Coutler thinks about widowed single Mothers as well. You know who God choose to make single since the world began by letting their husbands die..... or women left by their husbands against their will. Or women who left their minister and pastor husbands because they cheated on them. Coulter also apparently will be trashing single Mothers in her new book pictured above, "Guilty:Liberal Victims And Their Assult On America". It goes without saying as a Christian woman who looks down on females parenting alone, she is no alli in our fight for Open Records. Nor, I doubt is she a forgiving Christian like most aren't when forgiveness is SUPPOSED to be the foundation of this religion, for in reality, Christianity DOES NOT EXIST WITH OUT IT AND IS A FALSE RELIGION. So instead of "slamming" single Mothers, someone needs to tell Coulter that she needs to remember that Jesus's best friend was a FORNICATING prostitute and that He was never a finger wagging, blowhard like she acts like, and then jump off her Ivory Tower, and stop thinking she is all that when she is nothing but ALL JUDGEMENTAL. Because THAT is what she is "Guilty" of......and isn't THAT a sin according to Christ? Hmmmm?.....
The comments due to her little prima donna temper tantrum this morning on NBC are coming in fast and hard on many websites and many forums. This is my favorite from AOL News:
2009-01-07 19:19:04
"Ann Coulter is a shrill shrew... I had the unpleasant experience of catching this interview. Could she be more bitter?!?! Is she unable to have kids herself or is it that no self respecting man would touch this frigid wretch? Statistics can be manupulated to prove any point you want to make when manipulated to support the bull you choose to regurgitate. Anyone who would buy her book deserves to be ripped off for utter stupidity".

And oh yeah......wasn't there someone else who had a single Mother? Hmmmm....let me think....oh that's right........THE FUTURE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. YEAH....A REAL DRUG HEAD, JAIL BIRD HE IS.....I think she is just attacking single Mothers because she can't stand the fact that the son of one is about to hold the most powerful position in the world. Pretty much trashes her categorizing theories doesn't? Trashes the Adoption Industries so tiring and assine mind$et as well......


  1. All I have to say is what wasn't she raised by two parents? Look how she turned out....'nuf said.

  2. LOL. And my, my...look at what she is wearing on the cover of her new book..why, I think I see a bit of clevage there...oh Ann, you hussy! She should be a wearing a turtleneck don't you think? She should also be left pregnant and see how it feels....

  3. IA, I had discussed this topic with Lorraine over at Firstmotherforum. Actually, it wasn't much of a discussion, I just guided her to the article online.

    I guess Anne forgot--or maybe she didn't forget--that our President-elect was raised by a single mother, as was William Jefferson Clinton IV...but then I'm sure she'd have a defense ready for that as well. I second Brandi's about Coulter's stellar upbringing...'nuf said.

  4. Hey, hope you grab this since it's not in relation to your latest post. I've missed you! Sorry I went absent for awhile, but I never stopped thinking about you. I tried emailing you back but I kept getting failure notices. Damn! I hope you are okay.