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Thursday, November 19, 2009

WE MUST NEVER FORGET. Candace Newmaker.....

Today is Candace Newmaker's birthday. She would of turned 20.
But Adoption murdered her. Adoption has murdered me in many ways to....
And her Adoptive Mother's weapon of choice?
Attachment Therapy.
And Candace's killer?
Satan's little helper walks free as I type this....

Look at her face. You can see the evil emanating from it as her laughter continues to haunt all of us. Adoptees and Real Mothers alike....

Today is my birthday. Or that is what I have been told. Considering the fact that CHS lied to me for 25 years about not knowing the time of day I was born, which was illegal btw, why should I believe them about what day I was born...
especially since this Christian Adoption Agency vies for Closed Records and the employees there lie about THEMSELVES and say they are Adopted when they most certainly are not.
A game they first started playing with me in the early 80's long before they took it to the internet.
(Like an Adoption Agency would EVER hire an Adoptee and let them ten feet near any other Adoptee's sealed files, teach them how to search for another Adoptee's "birthmother" current whereabouts, or let them see OBC's with "Illegitimate" or "bastard" stamped across them. Yeah RIGHT....)
It is a well known fact that Christian Clergy, Adoption Agencies, and many a power abusing, immature AP changed the real birthdate of an Adopted infant to a fake date which appears on the Adoptees AMC (Amended Birth Certificate).
This was done for different reasons to serve well all those involved in the child's Adoption EXCEPT the child of course, even though all the true facts that were altered are a very needed form of security and stability for the child's sense of self and identity in every stage of the child's life.
It is also symptomatic of the underlying disrespect that is spewed at Adopted children every day by bigoted, money grubbing and self-pitying adults.
Lying outright to some Adoptees about when they came into this world aids the Church's need to punish we dirty little bastards for the rest of our lives to.
You know since priests, ministers, cardinals, bishops and nuns find Christ's order to forgive each others sins and do nothing at all to punish them so repugnant and all...
this trickery and deception also aids the Adoption Agencies to be able to give their infertile clients more bang for their buck by letting them buy having the power of God since they can't buy making God let them conceive their own child.
So THEY decide when the baby they are going to Adopt was born....
what month, what day, what year which doesn't even let the Adoptee have the the control to know how old they really are!
Which NO person has any right to do to another person.
And it goes without saying, that this isn't even an act of decent parenting either. It is an act of OWNERSHIP.
And there is a hell of a big difference between the rightful authority Natural Parents exhibit with their children and the ownership mentality some Adoptive Parents execute.
Telling a child they Adopt that they are a Gemini when they are really a Scorpio also helps to keep a Natural Mother and child separate forever as they cannot find each other when they do start searching....
the true self-serving motive for why some Adoptive Mothers lobbied Congressmen in 1951 to get Adoption Records sealed in the first place....
And why a self-centered Adoptive Parent, Herbert H. Lehman closed Adoption records to Adoptees  in 1936 to begin with.....
As a psychic, I know that Candace Newmaker is not at peace.
*(Please see UPDATE at the end of this post).
She has not passed to a better place and her spirit bitterly lingers in the realm that keeps her on this earth. She is angry. And I don't blame her. For she never felt loved thanks to The Adoption and Psychiatric Industries.
And she wasn't....
A lot of Adoptees raised in Closed Adoption don't feel God is love either, thanks to Pro-Closed Record Christians and the condescending act of HUMAN BEINGS given as "gifts" to Adoptive Parents, the new age mindset amongst Christian Adopters and those who think Adoption is a religion...(Oh THROW UP)
And of course how the Church and many AP's try to make us hate ourselves...(feel shame, whip! whip! feel shame, whip! whip!)
We know damn well that sealed files have nothing to do with any form of love...
Hate, control, mockery and discrimination, yeah. But love? Pfft....
Candace didn't feel to loved wrapped up in that heavy itchy blue blanket either.
Fighting for her life, her identity and her sanity, as a psychotic Infertile and Psychologist forced their money grubbing, ego fulfilling agenda on her, along with their obese asses, the last sounds little Candace ever heard were Jeanne and Ponder yelling at her and Watkins cutting her down along with the gurgling in her lungs from choking on her own vomit because those three losers wouldn't let her out.
They wouldn't listen to HER FEELINGS.
They wouldn't take HER seriously.
They wouldn't let her be released from the drone status THEY wanted her to brainwash herself into SO SHE WOULD BELIEVE SHE WAS BORN AGAIN LITERALLY TO JEANNE NEWMAKER, HER INFERTILE ADOPTIVE MOTHER.
Attachment Therapy reveals the true sinister arrogance many AP's carry within their resentful hearts. And how deeply they care only about themselves and not the innocent infants and children they Adopt.
Backed by powerful child abusing industries (Adoption Agencies, Departments of Social Work, the Church and Psychiatry) and a well paid off government, they have gotten away with immoral and insipid acts that social workers would call negligence and attorneys would call personal injury if the same behavior was shown by Natural Parents to their offspring.
And thanks to Attachment Therapy they have gotten away with murder too....
and this we must also NEVER forget......

Candace's Adoptive Mother Jeanne Newmaker. Isn't she just lovely?....

CANDACE: Whoever is pushing on my head it’s not helping. I can’t do it. I can’t do it. I can’t breathe. It’s too dark under here. Please quit pushing on my head. I can’t do it. Somebody’s sitting on top of me.

CANDACE: I can’t do it. [Screams] I’m gonna die…

PONDER: Do you want to die?

CANDACE: No, but I’m about to…

WATKINS: Go ahead and die.

CANDACE: Please, please I can’t breathe.

CANDACE: Please quit pushing on me.

CANDACE: I need some help. Help! Help me please…

CANDACE: Can you let me have some oxygen? You mean, like you want me to die for real?

PONDER: Uh huh.

CANDACE: Die right now and go to heaven?

PONDER: Go ahead and die right now. For real. For real…

WATKINS: Just go ahead and die. It’s easier…

CANDACE: You said you would give me oxygen.

WATKINS: You gotta fight for it.

CANDACE: [vomits] OK, I’m throwing up. I just threw up. [Vomiting] I gotta poop. I gotta poop.

CANDACE: Uh, I’m going in my pants.

PONDER: Go ahead.

WATKINS: Stay in there with the poop and vomit.

CANDACE: Help! I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. It’s hot. I can’t breathe…

WATKINS: Getting pretty tight in here.

PONDER: Yep… less and less air all the time…

PONDER: She gets to be stuck in her own puke and poop.

WATKINS: Uh huh. It’s her own life. Quitter.

JEANE NEWMAKER: Baby, do you want to be born?

CANDACE: [Weakly responds] No. [This is Candace’s last word.]

WATKINS: Candace is used to making her life everybody else’s problem. She’s not used to living her own life.

PONDER: Quitter, quitter, quitter, quitter, quit, quit, quit, quit. She’s a quitter…

[Ponder and Watkins chitchat about their dream homes and a million-dollar property nearby that is being remodeled.]

WATKINS: Let’s talk to the twerp.

[They unwrap Candace.]

WATKINS : Oh, there she is sleeping in her vomit.

As a psychic I know to, that you three wenches Ponder, Newmaker and Watkins, are going straight to hell.....

Candace Elizabeth Newmaker: November 19th 1989-April 18th 2000
Candace has since passed to a better place. And lives in a light she that was darkened because of Adoption and Psychiatry on earth....


  1. I had never heard the details of her story before. I was literally speechless with tears. Thank you for reminding the world of this girl who didn't deserve this abuse, or to die

  2. this fucking, nasty-ass, degradeful whore jeane newmaker WILL get hers. We will get a plunger handle with nails through it, and ram it in her ass. let her experience the powerful act of rebirth through a process known as perotinitis.