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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Modern Family, Ancient Oppression......Part III


A lot of people are under the impression that I hate all Christians.
This is not true.
There are many Christians I know, some from as far back as grade school who I will always love, care about and have fond memories of.
There are some that still give me nightmares to....
Yet many Christians can be very nice people, and have pulled me out of deep water when I was about to drown.
A lot of people are under the impression that I also hate all Adoptive Parents. That also isn't true.
I love my Adoptive Father and I always will.
I also just happen to like him as a person as well.
He is a very nice man, and he tries to be friendly, polite and giving.
And I do have respect for the AP's who realize we need to know and have a good relationship with our Real Parents, because this is crucial to our well being and our spiritual, emotional and mental health.
Our strength, motivation and endurance on a planet, where we are all forced to face the fact that life can sometimes be nothing less than a maddening and insufferable bitch.....
AP'S that are selfless and sacrifice their own needs to alleviate our pain by not interfering, manipulating, sabotaging, and trying to make us feel guilty for the primal and God given yearning to love and be loved by those who made us and who we are physically a part of are giving us the best gift they ever could.
A gift all Adoptees are entitled too....
I do however, HATE Catholic/Christian Pro-Closed Record Clergy and the continual lies they curse us with, their refusal to admit that they altered facts about many Adoptees families and births along with their infuriating indifference about ever making this oh so wrong right.
They add fuel to my fire too with the bigoted myths they still teach about we bastards being evil in Catechism, the outlandish mindset Mormons expect Adoptees to execute on their Natural Parents by denying their very existence and the refusal all of them inflict on us by never forgiving us for what they wrongly say we are and for what our Real Mothers have done.
I extend my hatred on all AP's who do the same....
One thing Christian AP's like this love to do, online and off is push the misguided theory that God not only condones but created Adoption (which of course in my mind and theirs means the Closed Adoption system and all the abuse that goes with it). They use compulsively the story of Moses to demonstrate that God is in favour of every corrupt act the Adoption Industry, The Church and themselves commit.
We Adoptees, Real Mothers and the general public read post after post constantly about how Moses's Mother put him in a basket and sent him down the river Nile, joyfully ignoring the fact in their blather that Jochebed did this to save his life, not because she didn't want to be a parent.
Or because she was poor.
Or because she was single.
She had tried to hide him from The Pharaoh of Oppression for three months but could do so no longer and that is why she set her son a sail with her sister watching Moses the whole time. And as their plan panned out, Jochebed would be the one to nurse her son and watch over him as he grew, while Thermuthis the daughter of the Pharaoh who found him, raised him into adulthood.
Pretty smart....
Three weeks ago I watched an interesting program on the History Channel that asked could events that were said to have happened in the Old Testament be proven by science that they actually occured and while watching I was reminded of something that these AP's and The Church constantly overlook.
Although Moses was raised by the Egyptians, he knew he wasn't one of them. Granted, they were kind to him, but they were not kind to those who shared his blood.
And it would be witnessing the abuse of one of his people, that would cause Moses to commit a murder that would end up motivating God to create a whole new set of laws for the Jewish people and eventually for the Christians as well.
Moses was never punished by God for killing the Egyptian slaveowner who he saw viciously whipping the Jewish slave that caused such anger to rise in him that in order to make him stop, he took his life. And many people come to the conclusion that the reason God sought no vengeance on Moses, was because God wanted the Jews to be freed from the bondage that the Pharaoh of Oppression had inflicted upon them. And I agree with this.
But I see another take on this as well. As to why Moses was spared by God because God could of chosen anyone to lead the Jewish slaves to freedom, it wasn't like Moses was the only one on earth to aid Him in doing this.
In the New Testament, when Christ's family is discussed, He is traced back all the way to Adam and Eve. Every single man who came before Him that he is related to by his Mother's blood is mentioned, going back to the beginning of time. So therefore it is obvious that one's ancestors are deemed very important in the Christian religion as they are in the Jewish religion.
This fact can be seen quite clearly in the Old Testament as a man or woman of the Jewish faith is almost always mentioned as the son or daughter of, followed by their Father's name. Moses is written to be Moses, the son of Amram. And it is because of this importance of bloodline, and the passion that all of us share concerning our nationalities, that God did not punish Moses and let him live to be 120 and deemed a hero.
He understood the love people feel for their own people and those they are related too. How they are a part of them, and form their identity as to who they are in this world from them. And after all God created man to BE this way........
So for this reason, I cannot, I will not ever believe that the same God approves of ripping babies away from their Mothers simply because they are not well off or married, as Jesus demands to forgive all who repent.
Like any alteration of the time or day He choose to bring anyone into the world.
I do not think He will take lightly the guilt and shame forced on we Adoptees when we want to know who is in our bloodlines or the immature self-centered manipulations spewed out by the part of social workers, The Adoption Industry, The Church and some AP's sinister lie that only a mentally ill/dysfunctional/ungrateful/neurotic Adoptee needs this information and will be harmed without it either.
I find it quite predictable to that Pro Closed Record AP's steamroll over the fact that God chose for Moses, in the end to spend the rest of his life with those of his own heritage, and not his "Adoptive" Egyptian family.
God sends His message that people should not be cut off from their bloodlines or have them hidden from them, not only through the story of King Solomon, but also through a major event that happened to Moses in his adult life.
So it is quite hypocritical for Christian AP's, imo, to use the story of this great man Moses for their own agenda while never mentioning or seeing the oppression that Moses experienced through "Adoption" himself.
Oppression comes in many forms, and this is why I suppose the new tv series "Modern Family" upsets me due to the storyline of a homosexual couple that Adopted a cute little baby girl from Vietnam, whose character's name is Lily. For I find this hypocritical to.....
I have a hard time I guess, supporting gay marriage which leads to gay couples Adopting because we Adoptees are now faced with yet another group of people who are using us to further themselves. And as they do this, they are completely engulfed in tunnel vision and refuse to see how both The Adoption Industry takes away our rights as human beings.
On the website, Queer Planet, concerning one of the entries I posted last year, entitled "Rotten Tomatoes" someone left a comment which proves this very point.

"Prominent studies are finding there is no harm to children who are raised by gay and lesbian parents , she said. Children do better with two parents, but they don’t necessarily have to be a mom and a dad", she said. ..

And who is doing these "studies" anyway? Gay psychologists?
Gay Social workers who have told gay men and women to Adopt? (and who get big commissions for doing so).
Gay wannabe Parents need to understand for the best interest of children, that heterosexual children are going to feel more confused living with people who are not straight like they are as they have been put into a scientifically unnatural situation like having two Mothers for Parents or two Fathers, (as it is a scientific fact that it takes a sperm and an egg to make a baby, not a sperm and a sperm) because Closed and Open Adoption is an unnatural enough situation to begin with (due to being told we can not know our own Parents names and feeling rejection from our Real Mothers) and they do not need nor deserve to have to deal with the pressure of two scenarios that are foreign to them.
With all the blogs on the internet, that complain about how down trodden the Adoption system is to Adoptees, I cannot believe not one gay PAP, whether they be a homosexual or lesbian have not come across our words or felt our pain.
And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that when they buy into the very system that oppresses us that was designed by the very people they claim are oppressing them they are merely then the pot calling the kettle black.
I also worry about straight Adoptees from other countries who get a triple whammy being Adopted by gay couples, as it is difficult for them to be in a land so far away from their own people. There are many blogs written by Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese Adoptees, some that are linked on my blog that discuss the true trauma of feeling different and not feeling like they fit in because of their ethnicity.
It does not help Adoptees either for gay couples to buy into the many corrupt practices that the Adoption Industry engages in, one being literally stealing children from their Mothers on the streets in Asia and then advertising them as orphans that are in need of a home, so they can feed the insatiable, greedy monster called their bank account.
"Modern Family" which was created in part to be a gay rights vehicle commits all these emotional crimes against we Adoptees and it angers me that our rights, once again are virtually ignored while everyone hears gay activists through tv shows like this loud and clear, whilst we are flaunted in their opposers faces like a weapon that shoots out we are the same as you ammunition.
And keeps us cemented in the plight of never, ever being treated the same as everyone else in this country.
Gay people are not denied their Original Birth Certificates or their own bloodlines because they are gay.
NO ONE is denied their OBC's in the United States but us, and when gay couples, like heterosexual couples, Adopt, they just keep us another step away from obtaining them.
They are also helping to promote the idea that Americans should Adopt internationally, which more often than not turns into a disaster due to the gross dishonesty in this country which is why Guatemala now refuses to Adopt out their children to residents of the United States, and other countries like China and Russia are more interested in domestic Adoptions for their children now. "Modern Family" is not the only series either that keeps the bindings tight around Adoptees psyches, for when it comes to lambasting us in the media, the pickins are never slim.....
To be continued.....

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