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Monday, January 20, 2014

Finally; The Nuclear Bomb That Blows Apart The Birth Mother Privacy Lie.....

Much to my surprise and according to my Stat Counter many people still are directed to and read my Better Than Bingo post that I wrote many, many years ago.
If you ever saw the The Flying Nun tv show that was on many decades ago, you would understand the joke I crack on that entry.
And why.

I've got to tell you though, that I AM SO PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW, that there will be no jokes about Nuns in this post (because I'm too livid atm to laugh) even though there are hundreds of them on forums making others chuckle pertaining to the forthcoming story.

A story that prompted me to say what I am about to say.......
I have been advocating for Open Adoption Records for 10 years online.
And I have been bitching about Closed Adoption Records for over 35 years offline.
The cruel words that been have hurled at me are shocking.

While the excuses to discredit my argument have been maddening.
One of the biggest fabrications on earth.
The Birth Mother Privacy Lie.....

I still remember what one of the first "Birthmothers" I ever met on the internet said to me in 2001 and I will never forget it, not only because of the fallacy of what was said to her by some cut throat Nun when she was carrying , but because of how manipulative, twisted and maniacal it was.

"If you keep your baby you will go to hell".......

But I didn't know all I know about the Baby Trafficking Industry called Adoption that I do now......

About all the money involved and the coercive techniques and just outright falsehoods that were spewed out like Linda Blair's green vomit in The Exorcist to force young single Mothers to give up their newborn babies.

I was just finding out then too what a huge role The Church played in this.......
Nuns, Priests and Ministers who I suddenly saw as heartless beyond belief.
People, who in the days when I was a Christian, I thought could be trusted.
SHOULD be trusted.

And all I can think about right at this moment, are all the blogs I have read, about the torture and misery so many Nuns have put so many victims of their Maternity Prisons through, unwed Mothers who NEVER signed consent forms to keep their identities hidden from their own children.

Mothers who would be hidden from them perhaps for life because God's so unholy hypocritical servants along with Christian Adoption Agencies put the wrong date and year of birth on their infants Amended Birth Certificates, or left important information out on purpose  (my ABC never showed my time of birth) so they could feign this intense soap opera script of shame.....

Your Mother never wants you to know who she is because she is so embarrassed she had a dirty little bastard.....
Oh MA God!!!!!

Of course Adoptees know now that this was never the case.

And yes, I know there are a few of us poor Adoptees out there like Elaine Penn who have narcissist and psychotic Biological Mothers like Kathleen Hoy Foley, but that whackjob is definitely the exception NOT the rule.
Horror stories from the Magdalene Laundries make my boil as well as I think about what I read yesterday....

So much so, that we really HAVE to do something people.

What you are about to read down below, if you have not come across it already PROVES without a doubt that Birth Mother Privacy is nothing but an insidious PR campaign to continue to push Closed Adoption that some horrid Adoptive Parents still choose today, and an effort by The Catholic Church, Adoption Agencies and The NCFA (Mormons) to avoid  having criminal charges pressed against them for falsifying documents with incorrect facts which is one of the true reasons why we are not allowed our OBC's.

I have said an uncountable number of times that Christians, especially Church Clergy NEVER had the right to punish women who conceived out of wedlock and make billions off of them by taking their babies away under the guise that children need married Parents to raise them WHEN in fact they ONLY had the right to forgive both Mothers and their offspring and help these families financially to stay together through TRUE Christian Charity.....

And I have said this in the mist of incredibly UNFORGIVING flora that I have encountered on blogs, forums, websites, within comments and to the faces of some very nerve wracking snobs offline in passing.

Yet,  in return for my bravery, I have been mocked, laughed at, called ungrateful, told my Mother did not want to know me, nor me her, looked at as though I was insane, told I had unbelievable nerve to invade her privacy that SHE needed, told to get a life, told to get over the hand life dealt me.

Told to grow up, shut up, stop whining and "embrace the sacrifice"....

All to support the Birth Mother Privacy Lie of course that Nuns for decades and decades forced on Single Mothers, Adoptees and the gullible general public.

A Lie still supported today by The Catholic Church, The ACLU, The Department of Social Work, The NCFA, The Knights of Columbus, unscrupulous Adopters and of course The Adoption Industry itself.

And still pushed believe it or not by some old timers in the Medical Industry (doctors and nurses who played a part in not allowing BSE Mothers to even look at or hold the baby they had just given birth to).

A Lie that is nothing less than a self-serving hypocrisy wrapped around an inane double standard.

A Lie that is good for the goose but not for the gander.

Like a  Nun that had a baby out of wedlock.


January 18
"A nun who gave birth unexpectedly to a baby boy on Wednesday in Rome has humiliated members of her convent. The nun, who was a member of the Little Disciples of Jesus order in Rieti, has drawn quite a reaction from her fellow well as the local bishop there. He said she will have to leave her convent after breaking her vows of celibacy of the Catholic Church.
Telegraph reports Jan. 18 that the spokesman for the bishop of Rieti -- Delio Lucarelli -- said the nun birth scandal has resulted in her removal.
"It would be preferable that she now lead a secular life with her baby, away from religious institutions," said Lucarelli.
Mother superior of the convent -- Sister Erminia -- had her own reaction to the embarrassing event.
"It seems she was not able to resist temptation," she remarked.
When the nun developed stomach cramps, she was rushed to the hospital. The Italian press reports that she told doctors was impossible that she was pregnant.
"It's not possible, I'm a nun," she reportedly said.
The nun who gave birth has not been identified and the town mayor -- Simone Petrangeli -- has requested that her privacy be respected. She named the nine-pound baby boy Francesco – after Pope Francis.
"Both mother and baby are in good health," said Pasquale Carducci, director of the local Rieti hospital.
Sisters at the convent were not aware the nun was pregnant. One of them said she noticed that she had "put on weight but recently she had kept to herself."
The nun will receive help from local residents in the local community until she decides on her future. The mayor will make contributions in the effort..
"If she needs assistance we will provide it, as we would for anybody," mayor Petrangeli said.
The nun birth scandal has shocked the world and upset the Catholic Church. Although the nun broke a major vow within the institution, she is still human. Many will argue she sinned, but many also believe the Lord is very forgiving".

"The Lord is very forgiving".......

So then WHY pre tell AREN'T Nuns and the rest of Christian clergy?

And why the hell does a Nun get to keep her OWN baby?

I smell a rat.......

Don't you?

And then sign into your email and forward this news article with a request to every Politician in your Closed Adoption Record State to Open the Records, while informing them they have been given the WRONG information by those who try to counteract us, ie: THE BIRTH MOTHER PRIVACY LIE AND THIS LIE CAN NO LONGER BE GROUNDS TO CONTINUE TO DENY US OUR OBCS.

Photo Credits:
Still From "The Magdalene Sisters" Film

Nuclear Water Bomb:


  1. These nuns/snakes slithered all over reservations IA. Looks like they cause trouble wherever they go. TMS was a sickening movie. I saw it a long time ago but you don't forget it. I didn't.

  2. She didn't know she was pregnant? I don't believe that for a second. I sure knew both times when I was! I agree it is unfair that she seems to be getting preferable treatment, the sisters certainly didn't show that kind of mercy in the maternity homes they ran years ago. Let's hope that maybe this will start a trend and change society's treatment of all unwed mother's in the future because none of us deserved to be treated like we were. I didn't have time to resend the other comment that you deleted by mistake IA but I understand how easy it is to do that so don't worry about it. I have faith that you won't delete this one!

  3. Yeah I know Wolf. I just watched the whole thing a few days ago, I never saw it when it first came out and it is eating at me. I've seen old pictures of nuns sitting around teepees on Reservations too and it hurts me so much to think they were only there to steal people's children. My heart breaks for American Indians as much as it does for Adoptees of all other races. Take care.

  4. Hi Jean, I think having faith in me is too big a leap to take, lol but I paid very close attention with your new comment and made sure I hit Publish not Delete this time. It would be great if people finally starting changing their asinine views about Single Mothers because this Nun wants to and is going to keep her baby but America is a hard case-this country is so screwed up and mean so I think we have to keep pushing her example which dispels all the bullshit so many, too many Nuns before her brainwashed the parishioners and the public with. I'm sorry for what you went through too when you were carrying your first. I think our pain (Natural Moms and we Adoptees) is equal, only felt in different ways.