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Monday, February 03, 2014

A Message To All Adoptee and First Mother Bloggers Along With Everyone Else:
Please Remember To Quote Me.......

Just in case other Bloggers may not be aware of this, my blog IS a work with a Copyright......

And for years I have seen other Bloggers take my views, ideas, opinions and my original play on words, that are fresh and unique and not only use them for posts they have written but most recently for books that they have published or are currently putting together, I have been informed.



This is not only a reminder but a warning.

And I expect to be quoted if you found a different way or new example of how the Adoption System makes Adoptees feel that I have expressed on The Improper Adoptee......

NO ONE has my permission to ever use anything I say WITHOUT quoting me.

And I have stated this in a new message on my sidebar under About This Blog.

So please respect my feelings.

Or pay the price......


Thank you.


  1. Hi Wolfie-I just sent you an Email and thanks.

  2. Oh and ((Robin)), I hope you see this comment, because this post has NOTHING to do with you okay.

    1. lol, IA. I did spend a few minutes wondering if I had done something inadvertently that wasn't okay. I know I wrote a guest post answering a comment I received at your blog, but I did link it back to you. And, btw, I didn't have a copy of that comment of mine that you lost, so I wasn't able to resend it.

  3. Oh Robin, no, no, no :) This post again, has nothing to do with you. And thank you too for the link you posted to my blog on the All In The Family Adoption blog within your guest post. I really like that blog and it is very sad. I have read some of her posts. This post here has to do with some other people who will stay nameless for the moment. And I am really sorry again your awesome comment on the other post got deleted-I swear I am so unco with computers....I feel so bad because it was such a good comment (as usual :). I do remember some of it, so is it okay if I sum up what you said and post it in the comment section? This was my fault so you shouldn't have to go through all the trouble to do it over anyway. If not just let me know and seriously if you comment on my next post, I am going to be ANAL making sure I click the right buttons so it is not deleted!

  4. Oh wow, my sidebar message is really screwed up too. Did you see that? Lol, argh....I have to fix that straight away. Like I said Robin I am SERIOUSLY technically challenged. Help....:)

  5. I am writing another guest post and I would like to mention your fantabulous analogy that Matt and Melanie C's so-called adoption of Veronica Rose is really just another case of the emperor's new clothes. I will credit you, of course, but I am having trouble searching your blog to find the post where you used that picture. Can you add the link in the comment section so that I can use it? Thanks.

  6. There was a post you did about the Brown/Copabianco tragedy and at the beginning of the post there was a picture of the Emperor looking at himself in the mirror. I can't remember the name of the post, but I remember how you compared the fable of the Emperor's New Clothes to Veronica's story. I would like to link to that post, if I may.

  7. Robin, I am currently editing that post and it has been put into draft. If you give me an hour I will have it ready for you. The name of the post is "Indian Giver" Finale, The Capobianco's Strut Their Emperor's New Clothes....
    the picture you are talking about came from IBigToy and it is used for an interactive book for kids for ipads and iphones. The illustrations are downloadable apps.

    The reason I used this story as a comparison to the Crapos is because
    A. They are narrasicts (spelt it wrong, too lazy to look it up lol and it seems spellcheck has taken the day off..) and B. they along with Troy Dunn and the Adoption Industry want everyone to believe something is that isn't, ie: they are Veronica's true, real and only Parents when they are not. I also wanted to use it because it is a child at the end (and I am thinking Adopted Child like Veronica) who tells the truth of the situation...
    This post was very symbolic for me but I had made a couple of errors and wanted to fix them along with another post I wrote because I thought some people might not understand it, but I am not surprised that you did because we seem to always be on the same wave length which is why talking to you is always so comforting to me :)
    Whose blog are you doing a guest post on?
    I think it is great you are doing another one (and not because you want to link my bog, lol) but because I think you are many bloggers favorite commentor!
    Ty for asking me first if you could link me as well-I appreciate it. And the manners and class you always have.

  8. Okay Robin here you go. I'm sorry it took so long but I am spreading myself too thin today as I have put off other things I needed to do until today so I am overwhelmed atm I guess).
    I can't wait to read your guest post, let me know when it is published okay?

  9. Payback's a bitch. Anderson Cooper's show on CNN was cancelled. he he

  10. Oh holy shit Robin, this is awesome!!!! Thank you telling me this I hadn't heard about it. I hope he lost a TON of viewers because of how he supported the Crapos! You know I am working on a post right now urging everyone to call TNT and get APB cancelled or making sure it is not renewed-I am including a phone number to call and if we do this over the next two weeks maybe it could happen. I do NOT want this arrogant creep on tv anymore especially under the guise he demands he still should operate within-reuniting families. The post should be out tomorrow and Dunn needs as much of a bitch in his face that Cooper got. We really need to start showing Hollywood we are NOT dicking around when it comes to the exploitation and abuse of Adoptees and Natural Parents through media clowns like the three stooges we have had to endure of late. I can't wait to read this article, thanks for making my day Robin!

  11. I'm willing to do whatever I can to bring negative attention to those media personalities who supported the Crapos.

    Anderson Cooper also had his own talk show which was cancelled some time back by NBC.

    Here is my latest guest post:

  12. Hey Robin, the number for TNT is posted in my new entry. Calling them would really help and so would getting the message out so a ton of people will call too. We need Dunn gone before he starts trouble again for someone else. I haven't read your post yet, I'm sorry I've just been busy writing the one I just finished (it takes me forever sigh, especially with having to edit so damn much) and dealing with things around here, but I will look at it as soon as I can. Always love to hear what you have to say :)