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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Adoptee Matt Sandusky To Do First Interview With Oprah Tomorrow Night.......

I don't really like Ms. Winfrey but that isn't really any secret.
Her cold, unemotional and distant aura was a total turn off to me the first time I ever saw her on tv via the premiere of her new talk show in 1986.
And as the years went on I began to see crystal clear that she was nothing but a Left Wing PC puppet who I, along with many others feel lied about being molested to gain sympathy to hook viewers, or should I say create followers?.......
I do remember that episode quite vividly.......
And the all the boo hooing, the tears, the feel sorry for me during a rare non placid moment is just all too consistent of planned manipulative Democrat behavior.......
(who as I have stated many times before are just as bigoted towards Single Parents and Adoptees as Right Wingers are)......

I also don't like her views concerning us and the Adoption System but never the less one of our fellow Adoptees has decided to sit down and talk about the hell he endured living with his Adoptive Parents Jerry and Dottie Sandusky and the horrific abuse he has suffered due to them, although why he chose to accept an invitation from Oprah I will never get.......

Still, if you subscribe to OWN you should tune in tomorrow night at 9 pm or try to catch this interview somewhere on the net in the days that follow.

When I wrote "Come Little Children I'll Take Thee Away" two years ago venting my anger at the unforgivable and repulsive Jerry Sandusky I found very little information about Matt in cyberspace.
He was not talking.
Nor were many people talking about him.
Only a few but only to bash him it seemed, less the comments from millions which indicated they had nothing but sympathy for him as the Penn State scandal just got more and more revolting as new information kept emerging.

Matt is talking now however and not only is he eager and ready to tell his story he has created a beautiful website encouraging other sexual abuse survivors to tell theirs.

Peaceful Hearts Foundation is a much needed place of hope and healing.
A place everyone should visit, especially if you know a child you suspect may be a victim of child rape or you are one yourself.
The advice is priceless and the resources which include hotline numbers are beyond necessary.

And I hope where ever that lunatic Jerry Sandusky is tomorrow night, in his cell, mopping a floor, getting beat up by other inmates (LOL) the guards will drag him away, chain him to a chair and make him listen to what I am sure will be very stinging words.......
Words that I hope will finally begin to pierce his sociopathic soul from one of his most vulnerable victims.
The victim he was SUPPOSED to PROTECT as a Parent.......

Photo Credits:

Matt Sandusky (then Heichel) Age 9 Courtesy Of His Mother Debra

Matt Sandusky And His Wife Present Day:

Peaceful Hearts Foundation:
Peaceful Hearts Website

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