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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Why Does Troy Dunn Want To Make A Career Out Of Being A Compulsive Liar And A Hypocrite?

They say evil dies hard.....
I say evil never really dies at all.
It just takes different forms.....
One sadistic act replaces another.
Sometimes hiding under the false guise of goodness.
To give darkness an extra advantage.
To not be seen.
To not be controlled.
To not be stopped......
And like a shattering bullet it can then reach out.
Destroying even more ground than originally anticipated..

Hence yet ANOTHER bogus television series pushing the same crocodile tear illusion that Troy Dunn thinks you are still STUPID enough to fall for.......

For Troy Dunn doesn't give a rat's ass about Natural Families staying in tact, or having a loving relationship, or putting all the pieces together or finding peace.

As we all know The Dark God of Adoption loves to fancy himself a celebrity.....
A television personality.
A "public figure".

The latter of which is how he describes himself on his Facebook page that should in my opinion and the opinion of millions of others be taken down due to the fraudulent behavior he has engaged in and still does.

And if you'll notice Dunn also likes to spend way too much time making his ego stroking You Tube videos, staring at the camera lens like Narcissus peering into a pond.....

Videos that scream out every insignificant thing this money grubber does from going to P.F. Changs at the mall to swimming in his infinity pool he considers SO bloody important ......

More important than what he is supposed to be.

A Christian bishop......

But this is because Troy Dunn is NOT a Christian.

And either is any other Mormon on earth.
Although deceived and brainwashed, incorrectly educated and controlled by elders like Troy, many victims of this cult from hell will never be aware of that fact.

Because Dunn not only wants Mormon parishioners to be complete and total idiots who trust him without question, he also wants the American public to be suckered by the grand façade he continues to put on.
About Adoption.....
This is just another reason why he makes so many short films about his family and his marriage.....
He wants to let you in so you'll trust him.
Feel close to him.
So he can manipulate you and pull the rug right out from under you.
And you will then listen to his views and believe them like they were etched in stone.
Which will allow him to own the position of Authority.
And expertise.......
On a subject he doesn't even know jack shit about.
OR BEING Adopted.

Or does he?......

Does he know what it feels like to be ripped away hysterically crying and screaming like Veronica Rose Brown was when she was so wrongly taken from her biological Father Dusten?

Can he imagine the pain of growing up every day not being allowed to know the name of your own Mother who you are a physical part of and who gave birth to you?

Who your mind and soul formed inside of.

Or not being able to meet your own Dad who helped create you, whose DNA and possible talents you will always have and share?

Could he understand the anger and frustration we feel not even having the right to see pictures of our Parents?

Along with pictures of all the other relatives there are pictures of....
Or paintings done from 100's of generations past who are responsible for who we are and why we are here?

Plus all the names that belong to those faces?

What does he know of the agony it is to have absolutely NO control over your own life.
To walk around feeling like there is a giant foot on top of your head trying to push you into the ground......

More than you many think......
For he is the kind of person who gleefully takes that control away from other people to begin with.

Because of who he is.....

One could ask as well if Troy Dunn could imagine what it is like to have your newborn baby torn from your arms and your heart all because you are not married either.

Of course he could.
Because it is part of the plan.....

Just like he knows all about the LIE told by so called Christian clergy that a child must have "both a Mother and Father" in order to live with their own Biological Mother in the first place.....

A lie forged to then morph into the smokescreen used to separate us by diabolical Church clergy like himself, Adoption Agencies and social workers......

A smoke screen used to manipulate the Christian religion.
To twist the Christian religion.
To create secrets.....
Which has been the foundation of Troy Dunn's true religion from the beginning.

A religion that wants society to be so dense that it ignores the very pertinent question, if this lie WAS true then why throughout history for thousands and thousands of years have women died in childbirth leaving a baby to be brought up by his or her Father only?
Or his or her Mother that may have been widowed when she was carrying?
Or when the child was one, two, three four, which happened all the time and more often than not.

Rear now it's ugly head prejudice that always loves to imply that a "bastard" doesn't have  a Father.....

The HELL we don't.
Of course we have Fathers.
We wouldn't be here if we didn't.

How unbelievable drool fool is that damn remark?

And all of our Mothers know full well who they are too.....

NO, a woman does not have to be married to raise her child and either does a man.

For truly it is MORE natural to raise a child alone, because of  how life has been from the beginning of time as people constantly died younger due to illness, accidents and war than it is to raise a child to adulthood still being married.....

And NOWHERE, in any book, religious or otherwise (except perhaps in the book of Dunn) has it ever been stated that the child of an unmarried Parent through widowhood should have their child taken away and be given to a couple the child is not related to because both the spouses are still alive.

It has never been written that this should be the outcome for the child of couples that never married in the first place either....

but THEY fornicated Christians chant (as they begin to scour for sharp edged stones....)

Uh huh.

Well fornication is a FORGIVABLE act all you unenlightened judgmental Christians out there.

And I am sorry that the Troy Dunn's of the world don't want you to forgive the way Christ told you to.

And I am sorry that the Troy Dunn's of the world have taught you that it is fine to hide the "sin" of conceiving out of wedlock through Adoption when Christ told you to never hide your sins at all.

It is a brazen outrage that Christians turn their heads away from the fact that unwed Mothers have yet to be included as part of Christ's intended plan to admit their wrong doing and be excused and go on to raise their children without dirty looks and snarky comments.

While being accepted and loved within their community.
And even helped financially by those who honestly follow the laws of Christianity.
Because that is the way it is supposed to be.
End of story.
No stone throwing drama trauma and breaking up of a biological family needed......

But those un-Christian attitudes are needed for the likes of Troy Dunn who has dedicated a lifetime smashing families apart as a Mormon bishop so he can then charge big $$$$ to put them back together again.

And make billions of dollars for the Mormon NCFA and it's corrupt Adoption Agencies to boot.

I suppose I should be surprised at the tittle of his new show that happily aired it's last nauseating episode this past Thursday night, full of the usual crying that is done to mock Adoptees like me who do not believe in Closed Adoption and the fact that Single Parents should not have their children taken from them and sold to infertile married couples but I am not.......

For it is just another typical wolf in sheep clothing viewing experience like the last one.
And the one before that.....
Full of actors and actresses I bet who he has hired to perform in what SHOULD be called HOPEfully the Last Stupid Show Ever with Troy Dunn.......
Actors and actresses who remind me of the crisis actors talked so much about on so many You Tube videos circulating all over the internet......
Who are as fake and phony as the caring act Troy Dunn puts on so he can live comfortably within the Trojan horse he drove smack into the vulnerability of Adoptees.

Hiding his true agendas, his true intentions.
Feigning hope now that he is your Savior that will help you reunite with those he caused you to lose to begin with.....

NO, THE ONLY PEOPLE  DUNN WANTS HOPE FOR are battleax bitches like Melanie Capobianco.....
HOPE to be able to legally steal away children neither Nature or any good God intended for her to have.

Naming this program The Last Hope with Troy Dunn is just another dark irony he slaps our faces with due to the underhanded part he played in helping the Psychobianco's take an innocent little girl away from her happy home once and for all.

And the HOPE he destroyed for Dusten and Veronica Brown and the rest of their family to ever have any peace again.

Yes, I can hear him laughing from here.....

Hey wanna be Adoptive Parents of a child whose Mother or Father doesn't want  put up for Adoption!!
Don't fret!!
Your Last Hope is with Troy Dunn!!
I am the one who can help you get custody of someone else's child through a media circus we will create!!
And then seal the deal by trotting off to the bias Supreme Court that believes an unethical kidnapping should be the order of the day!!
So the three of us will win a yet another "Victory for Adoption"!!
Come to me!!
Come to me!!

In another dimension as bizarre as The Twilight Zone
Troy Dunn is the Family Man....
Yes he loves the F word.
And he loves giving Adoptees and Biological Parents another F word....
The Finger.
Through Forced Adoption.
Through Closed Adoption.
Through backstabbing statements to all of us on his Facebook page.

And through his true religion which is his favorite F word of all.......
A word that reflects his true heart.
His true soul.
His true bloodline sucking intentions.....

UP what Troy? UP yours?.....

A left wing vampire called a Freemason
Which is what all Mormons are.
Which is what all Catholic Clergy is.
Which is what Former Governor Herbert Lehman was.
And Georgia Tann as well........
Demons that have for decades not embraced the true concept of Family
But who through the NWO have only planned to destroy it.....

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  1. That sounds way too harsh. He's not a Christian because he's a Mormon??
    I can assure you that he may be MY last hope to find the child born to my father's first wife.

  2. The more I read of this venomous article, the more I wonder 'what is the writer's POINT?'

    1. Why the "hatred? Because I hate hypocrites.. which is exactly what Troy Dunn is.
      You DON'T spend a lifetime going around trying to make yourself look like you feel for Adoptees and the pain we go through not knowing who our Parents are and the identity crisis that is built into to that and then turn around and help a couple steal a child from her Father.
      You DON'T go around trying to make it look like you think Adoptees and their Biological Parents should meet due to the pain of separation, proposed rejection and a multitude of unanswered questions and then rejoice that that couple DID steal a man's child and call that atrocity a "Victory for Adoption".
      You DON'T go around trying to make yourself look like you are a Christian and then condemn a man by wanting him to lose his baby because of something stupid he said to his gf, the Mother of his child that he didn't mean because she was being a selfish witch and had just broke his heart.
      And continue to condemn that man, refuse to forgive that man and then begin to lie about that man when he does the right thing by his daughter and wants to keep, love and raise her which is his natural RIGHT.
      Especially in lieu of the fact that she loved him to and was screaming and crying hysterically when she was taken away from him against his will because some psycho barren woman who Troy Dunn sided with thought what she wanted was more important than what they wanted and needed.
      You know, you go shouting off your mouth at me and you don't even know WHAT you are talking about.
      Troy Dunn is the one who does NOT want Biological relatives to connect and he proved that during the Dusten Brown case and Dusten Brown is the man I'm talking about.
      So why don't you go Google him okay?
      Or look at the other multitude of blog posts written about him or the many Facebook pages that are still talking about this diabolical injustice.
      And then why don't you go have a nice big dish of crow to eat while you are reading because sooner or later you will come across facts like the Mormons are more heavily involved in forcing single Mothers and Fathers to give away their infants than any other group of people in America.
      And the Mormons make millions and millions of dollars doing so and that is one of the reasons they cause so many Biological families unbelievable pain and do so without pause.
      Feel free to learn more about the horrid NCFA as well, a group of Mormon Adoption Agencies that demand Adoption Records remain closed and fight us at every turn when we try to repeal draconian laws that oppress us by paying off members of Congress and use the Birth Mother Privacy lie as a smokescreen for their real agenda.
      Then feel free to go follow this link

      and read about how Mormons are still stealing men's children away from them at this very moment and what bigots they are towards Native Americans too.
      And if you can't come to the rightful conclusion that it is MORMONS that are full of hate then please do not ever come back to my blog again.
      Oh and uh, good luck hiring Dunn to find your long lost relative Mr. Barrett....
      I'll give you a heads up though.
      When he does, I'd get a fucking DNA test.....

  3. Your article is a common sentiment in Britain. State sanctioned control through social services has tortured many parents here for a long time. I agree left wingers are responsible for the breakup of many families through an Orwellian plot. At the end of the day however the big question still is, what are we going to do about it?

  4. I don't know Pete, I don't know. I really appreciate your astute comment and I am really sorry I don't have a better answer than that.