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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dutch Dementia

Looks like Roger has never heard of the BSE era, and what has been done to we BSE Adoptees and to BSE Mothers, although I will agree with him that parenting classes are a better idea, as he has mentioned in the article down below that he has written. This new law in Holland is hauntingly familiar to the bad Social Work systems here and of course  Closed Adoption and it's lousy procedures...
On Tuesday in the state where I live, all harsh penalties concerning being in possession of marijuana were reduced to only now having to pay a $100 dollar fine and no longer having drug possession be on one's record, but pot has been legal in Holland for some time.
Special. Everyone stoned out of their minds 24/7 and buying hash brownies on the way home from work. I was furious about the outcome of the results to Question 2 in my State, because before Tuesday, Foster Parents and PAP's would not of been able to Adopt or Foster, if they had been arrested for buying, selling or using marijuana ever in their lives. But now, hey! It will no longer be a deterrent, so think of all the stoners who can Foster children and get a ton of money to toke their brains out while they are watching the kiddies!
What's $100 bucks anyway, when you get free money from the state to begin with!
Negligent Foster Parents can be even more indifferent now as they watch kids high as a kite.
Who cares if they have a record!
Who cares if they are the biggest dealers on the street!
Who cares if they are the type of people to drive their Mini Vans tweeked!
My state doesn't anymore.
I hate people who are stoned around kids, as much I hate people who are drunk around kids.
Doing that, is self-centered, irresponsible and immature.
I have to wonder who was taking a magic carpet ride when they came up with this idiotic new Dutch policy and what Marjo was a smokin too...
back away from the pipe Marjo....
far far away....

"Dutch may force bad mothers to use contraception"
 by Roger Sinasohn

Nov 6th 2008

"It's not a bad idea, in an abstract, theoretical way. If you can't take care of the kids you have, you probably shouldn't oughta be having any more. It's even been tried, on a very limited and very optional basis, by offering incentives. The Dutch, however, are proposing to take it one step further and make contraception mandatory for two years, for women deemed by the state to be an unfit mother.
"It targets people who have been the subject of judicial intervention because of their bad parenting," explained Marjo Van Dijken who authored the bill. "If someone refuses the contraception and becomes pregnant, the child must be taken away directly after birth." While I'm sure we all want the best for all kids and there are certainly people out there who shouldn't be parents at all, let alone having more kids, this seems to me to be a rather extreme solution. I think I'd rather go the route of educating parents about contraception as well as providing more training on being a good parent.
In the US, I suspect this would never even get a chance to be voted on, but I must admit I don't know enough about Dutch politics and culture to know if this has any chance of becoming law. I have to say, I hope it's intended just as a wake-up call to get people talking about the issue of poor parenting."

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  1. This is what irritates me about our society. We are not teaching people to be responsible. Yes we have the right/liberty to procreate but we must do it responsibly. With both adoption and abortion, we are teaching the next generation that it is okay to dispose of children. That is why we must start teaching comprehensive sexual education, sexual responsibility, and comprehensive parent classes.