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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh No Ellen! Say It Isn't So!

And so another gay couple are misinformed about the horrors of The Closed Adoption Industry.
It looks like Ellen DeGeneres may of gotten her education
from Rosie O'Donnell and her bigoted and ridiculous remark that
God put her Adopted children in "the wrong tummy".
Screw you Rosie!
Someone needs to ask Ellen and Portia where they think Adopted babies come from!
And no, surprise!!! it isn't from the pumpkin patch!
That myth is about as realistic as The Great Pumpkin himself.
(And he doesn't bring them either...)
Yes, Ellen, Adopted babies come from real women, many who were forced to give them away,
many times by Christian Organizations and Churches, because they were unmarried and not well off.  And then to add even more insult to injury they had to endure the fact that their own flesh and blood,
that they did not want to loose, was sold to rich celebrities like you.
Innocent children who will later develop a painful identity crisis due to the unethical practice of Sealed Files!
No amount of fame, toys or higher education can ever replace these losses, and it is mentally healthier for most children to be raised by those who created them, as all children need to know as they grow up the woman who they are a part of, who bore them and to be loved by her.
Someone needs to tell Ellen and Portia as well, that some babies are stolen from their Real Mothers off the street Georgia Tann style in countries like China, Guatemala and Russia and are also Adopted out to rich celebrities who were told they were orphans when they were not.
Maybe this Halloween Ellen should read a real life horror novel called "The Baby Thief" that discusses this very subject and learn dark truth about the Closed Adoption Industry.
A scarier Halloween she couldn't imagine.... 
I admire Ellen for the work she wants to do for **animals, but I hope she will connect the dots soon and see that Adoption IS for domestic pets, NOT newborn infants whose Mommies wanted them...


5 Questions With Ellen DeGeneres
"Ellen's Really Big Show' was a really big hit for Ellen DeGeneres last year, and the daytime talk show host and comedienne is at it again. Only this time, things have gotten even biggerer.
Ellen's Even Bigger Really Big Show' (Saturday, Nov. 29, 9PM on TBS) is a major highlight of The Comedy Festival, TBS' annual event -- which will also be streaming live on their site for those who can't make it to Sin City -- held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. DeGeneres puts her own quirky spin on the homage to classic variety shows with dancers, performers, acrobats, singers and fellow comedians stopping by to play.

The funny lady joked with AOL TV about living it up at clothing-optional pools and all-you-can-eat buffets in Las Vegas, and talked best friends, branding, Bono and babies.

1. Do you ever miss being out on tour?

I don't miss traveling and sleeping in a hotel every night. I mean, touring got really old and I did it for 15 years. I had no idea I was going to be a talk show host, but I used to tell the audience at the end of the show, "Someday I am going to make you come to me, and I'm not going to come to you anymore." And now they do come to me! So I get to do stand-up every single day. I still get that live energy exchange between the audience and myself. I still get to say the things I want to say and comment on.

2. This comedy special is taped at The Coliseum at Caesars Palace -- what are your favorite things to do when you are in Las Vegas?

Well, the buffet, obviously. I don't know how much it is now, but it's still a deal, isn't it? It's a bargain! I mean, I'm vegan, so I'll just have salad, but still that's a bargain. [Laughs] I'm going to gamble, that's what I am going to do. I'm going to gamble and if there are clothing-optional pools there ... [laughs] Did you know there was a clothing-optional pool? I just heard about [it], and I just was shocked. I guess there're a lot of European people that go there, and that's important to them.

3. You've had your pick of guests for the show -- people are just dying to come on and dance and talk with you -- but is there anyone that you haven't been able to get?

Well, I keep saying Bono just because I think he's an amazing man ... what he does as a humanitarian even more so than as a musician now. And George Clooney, of course -- we're going to capture him one day! We're going after him -- he has eluded us, but we will get him. And now I want Keith Olbermann on, just because I love him and I think he's brilliant. But no, I think we keep getting everybody that we ask for.

4. You've got a new Cover Girl campaign, your American Express campaign, your show -- what's next for the Ellen brand?

My pet food company, Halo. We are going to try to start a foundation, or maybe a couple. You know, obviously I love animals and want to do something. I support Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, which is the largest sanctuary for every kind of animal. But I would like to do something that's working with animals and also probably kids, so I am trying to figure out which -- I would like to be more philanthropic in that way.

5. Kids, huh? Do you and Portia have any plans for kids in the near future?

When I see those print ads that have the babies in them for Gap, maybe that's cute that you have a little Gap knit sweater on the head, little Gap outfit. They advertise kids very well, those Gap ads. [Laughs] I don't even look at the clothes --I just go, "That's a cute baby, I'll take that one." So I don't know, we have a lot of friends who have babies, and they're amazing and change your life and there was a time we were thinking about it ... [but] today is no. I think that is one of the things about not being able to just accidentally get pregnant and have a child. You really, really have to want one, whether it's trying to figure out how you get pregnant or if you adopt. I think that's even more of a reason that people that aren't able to have kids should be allowed to adopt because you have to really want a kid, and that's a big responsibility. So we are not taking it lightly. We're ... we would really think about it before we did it."

**Due to Ellen DeGeneres's advertising campaign for Cover Girl, which is owned by Procter & Gamble, who heartlessly uses, the most torturous, cruelest and barbaric animal testing lab in the world, HLS (please see the link to help shutdown this hellhole on my sidebar STOP HLS in my Special Links I Love section) I hereby renege my comment that stated that I admire the work that Degeneres does for animals, as she is not helping any of them by promoting these products and is only contributing to their horrific suffering and her bank account. What a selfish hypocrite she is! Grow up and shame on you Ellen!

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  1. These celebrity mothers don't fool me or anyone I ask. There is data about effct in a book by a behavioral psychologist. He was a big cheese forty years ago with his three volume work which has stacks of refrences - making him not just a lone opinion former

    John Bowlby, is his name. From Amazon Books on-line