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Friday, November 08, 2013

The Adoption Industry Is Now Trying To Terrorize Natural Fathers Into Never Ever Fighting For Their Children Again......

Which is the main reason why Matt and Melanie Capobianco are suing Dusten Brown and The Cherokee Nation for an OUTRAGEOUS million dollars....

Yes Matt and Melanie are such GOOD Satan's little helpers....

It is beyond obvious as well, that Dusten Brown has been the sacrificial lamb for the same old evil agenda enacted by the Right (and Left) Wing Adoption Industry with a brand new bitter sour lemon twist.....

He also is being used as an example......
Of what will happen if men stand up to them and dare even TRY to stop an Adoption....

For The Orwellian Adoption Industry does not want Fathers to have any rights at all, the way it has traditionally always been in the courts and they are VERY threatened about this changing like it should....

Those battleax bully Nuns during the Baby Scoop Era (BSE) as all of us know, carried out this travesty in a different way by refusing to let any of the young unwed pregnant women in their Maternity Prisons see the Father of their child when he came to call on them.
Many of these young men WANTED to marry the Mother of their child, which infuriated the Nuns, so they were shooed away like flies and refused contact by these phony "Christian servants" so the Catholic Church could make millions by forcing these poor Moms to be to give their babies up for Adoption instead of giving them any chance for happiness and keeping their families intact.....

And despite the fact that Single pregnant young women or teenagers no longer are shipped off to these hellholes, if one of them does contact an Adoption Agency while she is carrying, and then changes her mind and wants to keep and raise her own flesh and blood, she will then face militant psychological manipulation tactics from the Agencies' employed Social Workers and the Potential Adoptive Parents sometimes as well.

They will lay the guilt and the lies on as thick as lard until she caves because she can't handle the weight of their sinister badgering due to her weakened physical state after childbirth any longer and will end up signing papers she NEVER intended to sign.
Or they will manipulate and frighten her with some bogus threat of jail.....
Or give her a shot of Thorizine so she can't think straight....
Or just outright trick her by telling her the papers they shove in her face to sign that she can't even understand due to legal jargon are NOT the papers that will sign away her rights....

I had thought to myself many times what this Newscaster says at the end of the above video before I even saw it...
And I tried to expose the prelude to the final assault brought on Dusten Brown and the entire Cherokee Nation when I wrote this post, Mormons Are Monsters last October.

A post that included a link directing people to an article that discussed how Mormon Adoption Agencies were paying off unwed Mothers to keep the Fathers of their babies OUT of their lives so the Adopting out of their child would go as smooth as silk.

An article that has now completely and totally disappeared.....


I had originally found this disturbing heads up on The Fathers and Families website that has for some unknown reason changed it's name to The National Parents Organization.
Part of the Fathers and Families site is still up but most articles one clicks on takes them to the new website and the rest of the articles lead only to an error page.

I don't know what the hell happened to that sinister tidbit of information I read a year ago, but I will bet my life the NCFA and Mormon Clergy wanted it gone.....
The truth about how sleazy the Mormons really are must be hidden from view....

Even after Googling for an hour, I could still find NO other link to the necessary exposure that these ghouls deserve to get.
But isn't that so typical of evil?
All it does is hide what it wants to do, what it really is and what it has done like a snake in the grass anyway......

The other day I saw a petition on the Standing Our Ground For Veronica Brown Facebook page that was drafted in hopes of passing a law entitled Veronica's Law which I agree must be fought for until it is on the books.

But I think we need another law so the Dusten Brown's of the world WILL NEVER LOSE CUSTODY AGAIN of their children once they have won it in court.

I want shifty predators like Matt and Melanie Capobianco who KNEW early on that Veronica's FIT Father wanted to raise her, LEGALLY BARRED from ever hurting someone else's family again by being able to challenge an already sound ruled decision.

I also want a clause in this new law so Dusten could get Veronica back and so could other Dads who have been victimized and sacrificed on the Bloodline alter to the dark Gods of Adoption.....

I plan on starting a Petition and if anyone is interested in helping me word it please let me know.
I hope to all my good Gods that the Crapobiancos LOSE their most current asinine lawsuit against Dusten Brown and the Native Americans and personally I think that Cherokee Nation should countersue them for committing a HATE CRIME AGAINST THEM, because in all reality, that is a big part of what this case has been about too.
Bigotry and hate.

The same old story from the Adoption Industry and mentally unstable Adoptive Parents like Matt and Melanie Capobianco that just should be by now SO damn yesterday......

Self-pity is our drug of choice......

To be continued.......


  1. Did you know we have another Dusten Brown supporter? Her name is Meredith Anne Kinsman Lange and she is Matt Crapobianco's ex-fiancée. She was in a relationship with him for 7 years and is absolutely horrified by what he's done to the Brown family. Imho, I'd say Ms. Kinsman Lange dodged a bullet.

  2. These 'loving parents' are not only suing Dusten Brown and Cherokee Nation, they are also suing their supposedly 'beloved daughter', Veronica. I assume that means that if they win the lawsuit, any money or property that Veronica has as an adult would have to be turned over to them to pay for her own kidnapping. Naming Ronnie as a defendant might also make it difficult for her to ever sue the Crapos, in adulthood, if she were so inclined.

  3. And yes, Ms. Kinsman did most defiantly dodge a bullet. It's just to bad it hit Dusten in the heart huh? You find out the best and most important information and I really appreciate you letting me know about it Robin.
    You are awesome to talk to and I always learn something or can relate to what you say when you post a comment, so thank you. You make my day a lot.

  4. I'm not really sure how all of this would play out. But they must have had legal advice telling them that this is the way to go. Maybe it was because the original case before SCOTUS was titled "Adoptive Couple vs Baby Girl".

    It disturbs me enormously when I read comments that imply that the Browns should trust the Crapos in any way (i.e. that this will be an open adoption or that everyone needs to put their swords down and let the healing begin). How much more will it take for everyone on the planet to realize that the C's cannot be trusted, not now or ever?

    I don't believe for a minute that they will ever allow Dusten to see Veronica or that they will ever drop the custodial interference charges in South Carolina. The Steal Veronica Rose supporters have also been complaining that Dusten's supporters are saying too many nasty things about them, and that if they'd only stop, Dusten could see Veronica. Sounds like classic abuse to me. Blame the victim for something he has no control over, and then when the C's refuse visitation (and punish Ronnie in the process), they can tell DB it's his own fault. When they most likely had no intention of allowing visitation in the first place.

    I'm beginning to wonder what planet I'm living on, too, with all this craziness.

  5. Yeah I totally believe they had and have no intention of letting Dusten and Veronica see each other, which is power they SOOO do not deserve huh?Ugh.... I am so mad at that horrible judge who ordered poor Veronica be forced to live with the Crapos too. I think he or she is an abuser as well because of all the pain, trauma and sadness I know Veronica is going through and will every day. I want that judge benched (excuse the pun:) and never re-elected again. I'm starting to really hate Christi Maldono ( I hope I spelled that right, but probably not) too Robin-I blame her for all of this and she owes Dusten and Veronica MAJOR apologies that I am sure they will never get. I just cannot believe how many people are involved in destroying Dusten and his beautiful family. It is just beyond scary and creepy at this point. Happy Adoption Awareness Month Robin, do you want to borrow my bastard barf bucket?....

  6. Actually it is ruined due to over use....I'd rather buy you a shiny new one :)

  7. I'm glad I make your day :) I appreciate having someone to talk to about all of this on an ongoing basis. It seems many others have moved on. But I still think about Ronnie and now, Desirai, every day.

    I was telling someone the story and when I finished she said that it sounded like the birth mother was the one who caused the whole problem and that she is the one who should be in trouble. Unfortunately, it seems that Christy M has almost gotten off scot-free. She's still being portrayed as the selfless birth mother who just wanted to give her daughter a better life than she could provide.

    And another rumor going around is that Christy has a new bf and that he's, you got it, Native American. If this is in fact true, I have only one word to say to this guy.....CONDOMS!

  8. I heard too that she has two other children and she does not have custody of them? My Gods, what the hell is she doing? It is like she has them just to give them away. Most Natural Single Mothers are NOT like her, but she has a definite problem Robin huh? Poor Ronnie, I mean she is going to have to deal with stupid Christie's rejection, then losing her Father who she knew wanted her and who she loves and then have to spend all her formative years with a self-absorbed, narcissistic, vengeful control freak. I fear for her as a teenager because I can see her feeling picked on and feeling like she has been punished for doing nothing. She is going to feel to like no one ever wants to listen to her feelings or what she wants. This is going to be a mess. I don't why the hell anyone would want to go out with Maldonado either- maybe he is just using her for the fame. Your condom remark is hilarious Robin and he should buy stock too! Hopefully Christie will get her tubes tied ASAP so she will stop hurting her innocent kids.
    And I haven't moved on either Robin, this still makes me furious, this whole thing, so I am glad too that we can vent to each other. So let us bitch on...:)
    P.S This is the last time I am changing this post too-I am totally esthetically challenged today or maybe always and it just wouldn't come out right but I quit! I quit I tell you!! LoL

  9. The only good thing about the Capobiancos is that there last name is perfect for take-offs. I've seen, Caponappers, Caponarcissists, Capo-Be-Awfuls. And how about Felanie (felony) for Melanie? Fitting, huh?

    Speaking of names, I hope that Veronica will restore Brown as her maiden name just as soon as she turns 18. And I hope that if she marries, she will go by Brown hyphen married name. She will always be a Brown to me.

    Someday, perhaps, Ronnie will read these posts and comments and she will know that we never stopped caring about her.

  10. Oh and you know what I want to call Dr. Phi?...Dr.Springer! Cause that is what his show reminds me of, tabloid tv and that is about as much class as Dr. Phil has anyway...Zilch.

  11. The tragedy of this case is that Dusten lost custody of Veronica because he 'supposedly' abandoned her and was a deadbeat dad. And we both know those are boldfaced lies.

    I respectfully snipped this comment from another person which I think expresses the whole situation perfectly.

    "Yeah, sure, he abandoned his parental responsibilities. That's exactly why he tried to get married sooner upon learning of the pregnancy, and it also perfectly explains why Christy informed the Capobiancos that she thought Dusten would likely contest the adoption if he knew about it. All deadbeat dads fight tooth and nail and risk jail time to raise their kids by themselves, didn't you know? What a load of crap."

    I can't even imagine how the Browns will get through the holidays this year without Ronnie.